funny things people say to pregnant women

14 Silly Things People Say To Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, you might have to hear some funny advice and lot of judgement from people around you. What you can do is brace yourself and think about how none of this is going to matter in the long run. Meanwhile, you can get a good laugh out of the silly things that people tell you.

Here are some things expecting mothers often hear which make no sense:

#1 “Oh, you poor thing. Your hormones must be all over the place!”

This quite sounds like your hormones have packed their bags and are currently touring different parts of the globe! As silly as this sounds, it is probably being said from a place of concern and you can just let it be. But we agree that it is quite annoying when the obvious is stated for no real reason.

#2 “Uhm… Are you allowed to be wearing those shoes when you’re pregnant?”

You are already as uncomfortable as can be thanks to everything that is going on with your pregnancy and the only way you feel a bit good about yourself is when you put on your reasonably sized heels. People have a way of making that appear criminal as well. You very well know what you are comfortable with and you are aware of the strain that heels place on your back. You don’t need to be told this every single time.

#3 “Ohh look at that bump! So exciting! You must be getting close!”

What. What? You have a whole trimester to get through and you were so sure that your bump was just mid-sized and quite dainty honestly, till you heard this comment. Now you’re going to be so conscious all over again. This is yet another comment that serves no purpose and you’re not even sure whether it is actually being said out of concern or just like that.

#4 “The way you are carrying, it MUST be a boy!”

People keep telling you this all the time. Of course, there is never any consistency. Your bump looks like it could be a boy but your cravings say otherwise. The gender guessing game never ends until you decide to end it yourself. Make sure that during the gender reveal party, you certainly question the methods of those who guessed wrong just so they stop doing this.

#5 “Whose eyes do you think the baby will have?”

You sometimes wonder whether people just ask you questions for the sake of saying something when they see you pregnant. But this is how it is and people just cannot seem to control their excitement. You just have to remember that they are very excited for you and do not think much about what they are saying. There is absolutely no logic in guessing whose eyes, nose or smile the baby will have simply because there is nothing you can do about it.

#6 “You look like you might just pop any moment!”

Depending on when and where the comment is received, it just makes this so much worse. First of all, you cannot help but wonder if people have any sense of timing and biology. You are in the sixth month of your pregnancy and your bump isn’t even that huge. When you hear something like this being said to you in the office, you feel like asking the person whether they think that you would be there hanging out with them instead of the comfort of your home or the maternity ward if you were indeed about to pop.

#7 “Omg, you must be so scared of the delivery…”

Great. Thank you. It is not like you have been staying up almost every night as your pregnancy is coming to a close and hoping that they would have invented something where you just have to wake up and find a baby in your arms. Labor is a nightmare without everyone around you having to remind you of the same. You were prepared for this outcome right from the beginning and don’t need daily reminders of the harder that it could be.

#8 “Are you comfortable wearing that? You should wear ____ instead!”

Probably the person who said this has no idea what it is like to be pregnant because, during your pregnancy, you have already chucked out any possibility of appearing your best especially towards the later months. Comfort is indeed your only priority. Hence, being asked whether you are comfortable in what you are wearing is such a rhetorical question. And there is no uniform for pregnant women either. When will people ever realize this?

#9 “A second child! Are you sure you’ll be able to cope?”

It is not like you did not have your doubts already before this was added to your plate. Of course, you are worried about whether you will be able to handle multiple children. You have given it plenty of thought before deciding to get pregnant. What’s more, there are plenty of people in the world with multiple children. So why does everyone keep asking you whether you are capable of handling them? Slightly annoying.

#10 “Is this like a planned baby?”

Wow. Talk about things that are none of other people’s business. Of course, it is planned. You are an educated and sophisticated woman who knows exactly what you want in life and are well planned out with most things. Even if your current pregnancy is not something that you planned out, it’s not like you are going to tell them that anyway. This is yet another question that people ask without thinking it through. You can’t help but wonder what people do with such information.

#11 “You look very tired. Why don’t you go take a nap?“

Of course, you want to take that nap but no one knows your struggle of not being able to fall asleep, thanks to frequent urination, back aches, leg cramps, heartburn (the list goes on..)

#12 “Should you be drinking that?”

You are more annoyed than thankful for the concern but of course, you cannot say that. You now need to explain how your doctor is completely okay with you sipping on coffee and enjoying that muffin. Of course, it is coming from a good place and out of concern for the well-being of your baby but you cannot help being frustrated when people tell you what you can and cannot do. It is like being pregnant is an open book where people can add any comment that they want.

#13 “Enjoy being free when you can!”

This is yet another comment that you don’t want to hear because you know that life is going to change once your baby comes. You are doing everything that you can to maintain a positive attitude given how tough pregnancy is. This unsolicited comment puts you off even if you take it quite lightly. Well, you can reassure yourself that the fun is going to be trebled when your new best friend arrives.

#14 “Have you been eating too many pies? Haha!”

Right. So funny hahaha. You almost feel like laughing out of pity because you have no idea how long they have been waiting to try this on someone. But that would validate them and encourage them to try the joke elsewhere as well and you don’t want any other person to go through what you just did. The stupidity of the statement lies in the fact that the person who says this thinks that they are incredibly funny. Also, do you look that fat that they needed to make this joke right now? Enter over-consciousness.

As we said, you will hear lots of funny things from people all around you when you are pregnant and they seem to know a lot more about your pregnancy than you do yourself! The best thing you can do is avoid taking all of these comments seriously and enjoying the experience of being the center of attention till your baby arrives and steals the show.