eating mango during pregnancy

Can I eat mangoes during pregnancy?

Who doesn’t love mangoes? These summer fruits are veritably golden globes of sweetness and deliciousness, and it is a pity that they are not available all year round. And if you are a couple of months pregnant during the summer, there is a huge chance that you will be craving those fruits more than ever. But then again, you will likely be worried: should you or should you not eat mangoes now that you are carrying? Your anxieties are quite justified; after all, there is so much of your daily diet and most loved list that has been ticked off as banned for the nine months.

Yes, you can.

So without further ado, let us put your mind at rest and say that yes, you can most certainly have s few mangoes during your pregnancy. These fruits are not just heavenly to taste, they are also pretty wonderful in what they contain in terms of nutrients. Mangoes contain a wide array of minerals and vitamins that are highly beneficial to your health and that of the baby’s. So, as long as you are eating in moderation, there is no reason as to why you will not be able to eat mangoes during pregnancy.

Helps in digestion

Mangoes are a great source of dietary fiber, which makes them highly beneficial for someone who is suffering from digestive issues. Since pregnancy brings with it digestive issues like constipation and diarrhea for most women, eating mangoes can help in regulating bowel movements and boosting metabolism. However, it should be kept in mind that too many mangoes can lead you to getting diarrhea, which is again not good for your health; it can rupture blood vessels and even carries a mall chance of a miscarriage.

Satisfies sweet cravings

Mangoes are very sweet, containing a lot of sugar. But fructose is good sugar that does not harm the body in moderate quantities. Getting huge sweet cravings is very common during pregnancy, especially if you already have a sweet tooth. So, it is a good idea to have a few bites of mangoes and other fruits when you are getting a sweet craving; you will not add any harmful calories, and your sweet tooth will be highly satisfied. But do keep in mind that you have to cut down on your mango consumption significantly if you have gestational diabetes; the sweetness might be bad for you. If you have been diagnosed with the illness, make sure you have consulted the doctor before you indulge in any mangoes.

Maintains water balance

Mangoes contain a huge amount of potassium, which helps in balancing the water content and electrolytes in the body. Too much water content in the body is bad during pregnancy as it hinders proper development of the child. Besides, accumulation of water also causes the legs to swell up, which causes difficulty in walking. The potassium content in mangoes helps in maintaining this balance and keeps the woman and the baby healthy.

Maintains weight

Mangoes are very high in calories, which makes them perfect for gaining the necessary weight for having a healthy pregnancy. It is especially beneficial during the third trimester, when it is important to add a few more calories to your daily food intake.

However, make sure that you are not eating too many mangoes that will make you put on weight; in fact, if you already have weight issues, it is better to steer clear of this fruit altogether. Eating too many mangoes might also add the calories to your baby’s weight, which can cause health complications and difficulties in passing through the birth canal.

How to eat

When you buy mangoes, make sure you are buying organically grown ones. If you live in a region where you can grow mangoes, and have a tree in your backyard, limit yourself to eating the fruits plucked from that tree. If that is not possible, get mangoes from your local farmers’ market. These mangoes will have a lot less pesticides and other chemical enhancers that mass produced mangoes will have. Make sure you have mangoes in moderate quantities; no more than one a day. Eat them along with other fruits, and make sure that you have eaten a very healthy meal before it. In order to offset the sugar, you need to eat mangoes early in the day so that you can burn off the calories.

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Mangoes are a very generous gift from nature to us, and something that should be enjoyed every time you eat them. And pregnancy is very much one of those times when you feel like you deserve an influx of this juicy goodness. And you should totally have that, as long as you don’t go overboard with your cravings.