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15 Pregnancy Comics You Can Totally Relate With

Some moments, such as feeling your baby’s first kick, will be particularly memorable for expectant parents. Pregnancy is made all the more memorable by the countless little things that happen along the way.

We have this preconceived notion of what pregnancy entails before we become pregnant. So, when it happens, you’re left wondering, “Why didn’t anyone warn me about the bad cramps?

Although nothing can fully describe a pregnancy, not even that long book you read about it, you can certainly relate to these comics below as an expecting mother.


other pregnant women vs me

Source: @itsamumslife_comics

Remember how Jennifer hyped you up about that pregnancy glow? Well, where is the ‘glow’ now, Jennifer? I am pregnant!


pregnancy before after

Source: Naolito

You have gone from being a tennis ball to a full-fledged pumpkin! Or should we say, a pufferfish?


always tired

Source: Bloomlife

It is common to feel tired during pregnancy. The one thing you should know is that it will not last forever and you will be back to actively doing chores again.


if i make sudden movement

Source: Bloomlife

You don’t know what your body is capable of with any swift move you make. So, if anyone stresses you out, ask them to get in line and give you ‘that’ one minute you deserve.


39 weeks no stretch marks

Source: Unknown

Stretch marks are more likely to develop as a result of the skin changes brought on by pregnancy hormones. A dermis that has been stretched and broken can cause stretch marks during pregnancy.


picking shoes pregnancy

Source: Unknown

The most challenging thing to do now is to bend. Did you drop your home keys on the floor? Well, you are partially homeless until someone picks them up for you. Tying your shoes? Well, you will learn a whole new sort of yoga trying to tie your shoes with your baby bump.


lazy pregnant

Source: J Illustre

Of course, pregnancy is not a vacation, but why not turn it into one? Just chill out and sleep! Zzz’s!


is that my tshirt

Source: Brightside

Come on! What are maternity clothes? All you need is your partner’s t-shirt and his baggy jeans! Viola! Savings.


husband caring pregnant wife


Want some tea? Ask husband dearest to make some. Want some 3 a.m. snacks? Tell husband dearest to get some. Want to shift the cushion up onto your back? Just ask your husband dearest for ‘everything’!


funny pregnancy pillow

Source: Guada Suárez

Sleeping during pregnancy can be a real struggle; even more challenging than finding an empty store with a 50% sale on.


baby or soccer player

After the first baby kick: Wow! I can feel my baby.

After a while: Why won’t this stop? Is it a baby or a soccer player?


Source: @kosogkaos

Your body undergoes rapid and dramatic changes in hormone levels when you’re pregnant. One of the main causes of pregnancy belly hair is the rapid rise in estr0gen levels.


pregnancy shoe wear difficulty
Source: nathaliejomard

With that huge baby bump, your feet would feel like they are miles away from your body.


baby eats what mama eats

Source: @silvialonardo

You will always unconsciously question yourself if your baby likes what you are eating. As long as it’s ‘mostly’ healthy, they will love it.


pregnancy cravings

Source: ritavigovszky

Here is the assurance you need: It’s okay to give in to your cravings! You deserve all that luscious snack and dessert.

Pregnancy may not seem so hilarious with the cramps, kicks, and crazy hormones, but these comics certainly depict both the struggles and the perks of pregnancy in a ‘comical’ manner. So, while you carry that baby bump from the chair to the bed, have fun relating to these.