things to avoid during pregnancy

17 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you need to be extra careful with every activity you do. Your immune system is weak, your body is going through a lot of changes, and one mistake can cause a lot of complications in your pregnancy. That’s why you need to be educated about what are some activities, which you must not do while pregnant. That’s why we came up with this list of unsafe activities for pregnant women. Check them out below:

#1 Taking very hot showers

taking very hot showers

Steamy hot showers, soaking in a hot tub, and saunas are a big no-no during pregnancy. Make sure your body temperature does not rise above 102°F.

#2 Over the counter medicine

over the counter medicines

Do not take any medicine without consulting your OB first. There are many medicines that can harm the baby in your womb.

#3 Sitting down for too long

sitting down for too long

Sitting down for too long is not good for your health, specifically in pregnancy. Make sure you get up at frequent intervals and take a little walk.

4. Using cosmetics

using cosmetics

Try to avoid using any cosmetics during pregnancy. If you really need to, buy some pregnancy-safe products.

#5 Wearing high heels

wearing high heels

This one is quite obvious. High heels during pregnancy are a really bad idea, avoid wearing them at any cost.

#6 Activities with a fall risk

Activities with a fall risk

Skiing, ice-skating, rock climbing, or any other activity which can result in you falling down should be avoided during pregnancy.

#7 Cleaning your cat’s litter

Cleaning your cat's litter

Although it’s totally safe to have pets around you during pregnancy, you should avoid cleaning up your cat’s litter as this can cause a serious infection.

#8 Getting a tattoo

getting a tattoo

If you are planning to get inked during pregnancy, you need to postpone your plan. Getting a tattoo during pregnancy is not recommended.

#9 Deep stretching

deep stretching

Exercise is important during pregnancy but make sure to not over-stretch your body. Your ligaments are loose and you can easily get injured if you are not careful while stretching.

#10 Heavy lifting

heavy lifting

Go easy on the workouts, do not lift heavy weights during pregnancy as it can cause a muscle injury to you and also impact the health of your unborn baby.  You should also avoid lifting anything heavy while doing house chores.

#11 Some types of exercise

some type of exercise

There are some exercises that are not safe for pregnant women. Avoid any exercise that involves: Bouncing, leaping, jumping, sudden changes in direction, or jerky movements.

#12 Painting a wall

painting a wall

If your fence needs some paintwork, let your husband do it. Paints contain chemicals that can be harmful to pregnant women.

#13 Dieting


Pregnancy is not the time for dieting. You need a well-balanced diet which includes all the nutritions.

#14 Undercooked or raw food

Undercooked or raw food

Always make sure that the meat you are eating is hot and well cooked.

#15 Drinking too much coffee

drinking too much coffee pregnancy

You can also drink decaffeinated coffee if you can’t live without it.

#16 Drinking alcohol

drinking alcohol

You might already know this, but alcohol is strictly prohibited for pregnant women.

#17 Smoking


Pregnant or not pregnant, smoking is bad for your health, so quite obvious that its harmful effects will multiply during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a blessing, but you need to sacrifice a lot and give up on some of your favorite activities during this period. We understand it’s not easy for you to do this, but remember, you are doing it for your baby. And her well-being is most important for you, isn’t it?