Miscarriage prevention

Foods To Avoid For Reducing Miscarriage Risk

Pregnancy is a crucial period in the life of a woman. The food you eat at this time is very important. A well-balanced and healthy diet is required for the sound development of you and your baby. There are certain foods and beverages that are harmful in your pregnancy. Its consumption can even lead to miscarriage. Learning about them and avoiding them is important to lower the possibility of any misfortunate event.

Why some foods are risky in pregnancy?

There are some foods that when consumed can cause bacterial infections. Presence of bacterial can lead to food poisoning that can in turn lead to stillbirths, and miscarriage. The type of bacterial strains linked to miscarriage are Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, and Toxoplasma. Avoiding foods that have the possibility of harboring these harmful bacteria will be a big step to reduce your chances of miscarriage due to food poisoning.


Listeria is one of the categories of bacteria that has the ability to cause the ailment “listeriosis”. This bacterium is present in contaminated water, plants, and soil. Foods that can contain this bacterium are unpasteurized milk, unwashed produce, unpasteurized cheeses, deli meats, imported soft cheeses, meat spreads, frozen, uncooked meat, slightly cooked or smoked seafood. Raw fish can get infected at the time of processing, that includes drying, and smoking.

If you ingest these foods that contains this bacterium, then it can start off with abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, fever, body ache, fever, and vomiting. Listeria infection is very likely to happen in pregnant women in their 3rd trimester. It can lead to an early miscarriage or still birth.


Salmonella is another type of bacterium that can lead to Salmonella enterocolitis, or salmonellosis. Foods that harbor this bacterium are uncooked or less cooked chicken, turkey, eggs.

On consuming Salmonella contaminated foods items can cause food-borne illness such as diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, or chills. In pregnant women, it can cause miscarriage. So, if you are including these foods in your pregnancy diet, then make sure that you thoroughly cook them to lessen risks.


Foods that have mercury in them are another very important and potent cause for miscarriage in women. Mercury is a toxic element that can prove to be highly destructive in women during their pregnancy. In high amounts, it has the ability to cause damage to yours and your child’s nervous system, kidneys, as well as immunity system. It can hinder the development and can cause severe complications.

This element is commonly seen in polluted water. So, all sea foods items that are obtained from polluted water sources can contain this element. Large sized marine fishes such as shark, king mackerel, tuna, and swordfish that are found in polluted seas are seen to have high amounts of mercury. So, you should abstain from its consumption.

On the other hand, low-mercury fish like fatty fishes have good amounts of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are considered to be important for your baby.

Foods to avoid in your Pregnancy

Raw fish and eggs: Raw fish, like shellfish, and raw eggs, can lead to a multitude of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections. They can be contaminated with Salmonella. These infections impact the mother by leaving her weak, and dehydrated. These infections can easily pass on to your unborn baby via the placenta and can lead to premature delivery, stillbirth, and miscarriage, and other acute, and fatal repercussions on health.

Raw, Undercooked and Processed Meat: Undercooked and raw meat can infect you from several parasites, and bacteria such as E. coli, Toxoplasma, Salmonella, and Listeria. Don’t eat uncut, or whole meat that is only cooked on the outside.

Organ Meat: It can lead to vitamin A toxicity, and high copper levels that can lead to liver toxicity, and birth defects.

Caffeine: Caffeine, when consumed can quickly pass into the fetus, and placenta and fetus. As unborn babies aren’t able to metabolize caffeine, it leads to accumulation of caffeine in the body that can restrict their development and increases chances of low birth weight.

Raw sprouts: Raw sprouts are cultivated in humid environment that can be contaminated with Salmonella. So, prefer not to consume alfalfa, radish, mung bean sprouts, and clover.

Alcohol: Pregnant women should completely avoid alcohol as it increases the chances of stillbirth, and miscarriage.


Ensure proper food preparation and hygiene for a safe pregnancy. Avoid the above-mentioned foods as there are chances of them to be contaminated. To be on a safer side, get a pregnancy meal designed for you by your doctor / nutritionist. Being vigilant, and taking extra care of yourself and your baby will save you from long-term health complications in the future.