can i eat bread in pregnancy

Can I Eat Bread During Pregnancy?

In this busy lifestyle, bread has replaced traditional whole wheat chapatis to a large extent. It is readily available and can be used to make delicious recipes in a few minutes. Nowadays bread comes in various healthy versions too like multigrain, brown bread that provides the same nutrition of a whole grain food. But, is bread safe in pregnancy?

Being a pregnant woman, it is your responsibility to examine any food item about its safety in this critical time before you consume it. So, this article addresses to this common concern about expecting mothers and tells them about the advantages and side effects of eating bread during pregnancy.

How healthy is to eat bread during Pregnancy?

There are different varieties of bread. One of them is white bread that is made purely from refined flour also called “Maida”. It is very fine in texture, and include gluten and fat and has negligible fat. This type of bread doesn’t provide any nutrition to the body so eating this variety isn’t a good choice for your health.

The next type of bread is brown bread. This type of bread is made from all-purpose wheat flour. It is healthier compared to white bread. It is similar to a chapati made from wheat and provides complex carbs, vitamins and proteins to the body. Eating it is advised during pregnancy that provides an immediate strength and energy during pregnancy.

Another and the healthiest variation of bread is multigrain bread. This bread is a combination of different types of whole grains such as wheat, oats, ragi, bran, barley, soya and other nutritious foods that benefits your health in so many ways. Made from coarse form of grains, this bread is loaded with protein, fiber, complex carbs, and vitamins that keeps you strong, and healthy throughout your pregnancy. This variation of bread is a good addition to your pregnancy diet.

Nutrition in Bread

Now let us look at the type of nutrition that you get by eating the healthy variations of bread.

Wheat Germ: A whole wheat and multigrain bread have significant amounts of wheat germ that comprise of Vitamin E, folate, omega-3 acids, and a few other nutrients that improves your heart health.

Carbohydrates: During pregnancy, your body needs a lot of energy and extra calories to execute several vital processes. Carbs are the powerhouse of instant energy that you can easily obtain by eating bread. This food has low glycemic index that slowly releases sugar in the body. This makes it beneficial for diabetic patients too.

Protein: Bread contains gluten, and that is the key provider of necessary protein for the healthy development of the fetus.

Fibre: Both brown and multigrain bread are made from coarse form of whole grains that acts as fiber-rich complex carbs. Such foods have substantial amount of dietary fibers that reduces bad cholesterol, manages healthy weight, prevents constipation, and keeps you and your baby healthy. This fiber-rich food helps in regulation of sugar in the body and boost metabolism too.

B Vitamins and Vitamin C: Bread contains rich amounts of vitamin B, niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin that aids in streamlining the body procedures and regulation of metabolic activities in a person. It also contains Vitamin C that strengthens the immune system of the body.

Calcium: Calcium is very essential requirement for healthy development of bones of your baby. Whole wheat bread is rich in calcium that benefits pregnant women.

How much amount of bread is permissible during Pregnancy?

White bread doesn’t provide you any nutrition, so it is better not to eat it. You can eat multigrain and brown bread on a regular basis, however keep its consumption limited during the entire course of pregnancy. You can eat it in small portions once or twice a day to ensure easy digestion.

Side effects of bread during Pregnancy

White bread can cause you heaviness in stomach, bulginess, boating, and constipation due to its low fiber and high fat content. So, it needs to be avoided. However, there are no major side effects observed on eating brown bread and multigrain bread in pregnancy. Just the presence of gluten in healthier variation of bread can be a concern for women who are unable to digest complex carbs and protein. Eating it in limited amounts is absolutely safe and will have cause no issues.

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Bread is a healthy inclusion to your pregnancy diet provided you eat in in limited and small amounts in a day. Multigrain and whole grain bread have plenty of proteins, vitamins, and fiber that is required for smooth execution of pregnancy. From regulating blood sugar levels, and cholesterol, to boosting metabolism, consumption of bread keeps you and your baby energetic and healthy.

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