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Can I eat chickpeas during pregnancy?

Chickpeas is one of the favorite dishes that people enjoy. Young or old, everyone is fond of it. But pregnancy is the critical phase in life when you should be careful of what goes into your system. Chickpeas is one of those foods that you need to assess for its safety before including it in your pregnancy diet.

The initial trimester is very important phase for the development of your baby. So, you need to be very conscious of what you include in your diet. Health experts find it a good choice for pregnant woman. Let us find out how beneficial is chickpeas for your health.

Are Chickpeas healthy to consume during pregnancy?

Chickpeas are considered to be the safest food to consume during pregnancy. An important thing that you need to remember is that it has to be cooked properly. One should cook it till it becomes soft.

Another thing is not to eat chickpeas in excess else it might cause bodily discomfort. Due to its high nutritious value, chickpeas are a good source of proteins, folic acid and minerals levels. Before including this new food to your diet, consultation with your doctor is advised to ensure the best health of yours and your baby.

Nutritional Profile Of Chickpeas

As per the United States Department of Agriculture, a single cup of chickpeas is equivalent to 164 grams of cooked chickpeas. It provides 14.53g protein, 269kcal, 12.5g fiber, 44.97g carbohydrate, 276mg phosphorus, 80mg calcium, 477mg potassium, 79mg magnesium, 282µg folate and 80mg calcium. The high content of nutrition in chickpeas makes it highly suggested foods for expecting women.

Chickpea Benefits for Pregnant Women

Chickpeas is regarded as versatile legumes. It acts as a wholesome food that provide plenty of nutrition to pregnant women. Addition of this legume to the daily diet in cooked or boiled form provides following benefits to a woman during her pregnancy.

Prevention of birth defects: Folate is a very important nutrient for pregnancy. The recommended dietary consumption of folate for a pregnant woman is 400mcg. Chickpeas serves as a natural source of this nutrient. It assists in the development of the baby and also helps in the prevention of neural tube defects. Consumption of chickpeas provides good amount of folate to the body that helps in lowering the chances of premature birth during pregnancy.

Management of gestational diabetes: Chickpeas are a great addition to the diet during pregnancy. A single cup of chickpeas provides twelve grams of fiber. It helps in regulation of blood sugar levels and keep them under control. Presence of chickpeas aids in effective management of gestational diabetes.

Treatment of constipation: Due to hormonal changes and intake of iron supplements, a pregnant woman suffers from constipation. Consuming this fiber rich food helps you in relieving from this discomfort.

Assist in the development of baby: Protein is advised for the sound development of baby. It helps in maintaining the muscles and tissue of the body. Chickpeas are a good source of protein. It is advised to consume it to promote the best health of the mother and the baby.

Reduces the risk of anemia: Anemia is very common issue in pregnant women. Chickpeas are rich in iron. Regular intake of these legumes is helpful in reducing or prevention of anemia.

Great source of energy: Often a pregnant woman feels exhausted and tired during this phase. To carry the weight of the baby and execute several processes in the body, a pregnant woman needs to consume foods that provide a good source of energy in fuel her body. Doctors advise pregnant women to consume foods rich in energy. Chickpeas is one of the best foods that gives you a surge of energy.

Overall Fetus Health: Chickpeas contain manganese in it that assists in development of bone and cartilage strength. This nutrient assists in offering best level of cell protection, and also in proper absorption of carbohydrates and amino acids. A woman requires around two mg of manganese daily. One cup of chickpeas can easily fulfill this daily need of manganese in a pregnant woman. Daily consumption helps to boost bone vitality and relieve from bone related discomfort naturally.

Brain Development: 100 grams of chickpeas contains 43 grams of choline in it. It is a micro-nutrient that is responsible for sound development of brain and building healthy nerves. These crunchy and delicious chickpeas help in strengthening the spinal cord and brain of the body.

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These are some of the most important advantages linked with consumption of chickpeas. Looking at these health benefits, inclusion of chickpeas to your pregnancy diet in the right quantity helps to maintain the good health of fetus and the mother.

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