can i eat dosa while pregnant

Can I eat dosa while pregnant?

Indians will swear by the dosa, which is a crepe that may or may not come with a savory filling. Light on the stomach, extremely filling, and super quick and easy to make, it is not difficult to understand why this predominantly South Indian food has made its way into the hearts and plates of the entire subcontinent. The dosa is eaten by all and sundry and is loved by almost everyone around the country. The crepe is light, the filling is versatile, and the dips are unearthly. The taste is almost always fresh and is an eclectic mix of tangy, sour, and salty. It is a go-to breakfast, lunch, and even dinner option for a lot of people, but does that hold true for the pregnant lady? Let us find out if you can eat dosa while pregnant.

Yes, in moderation

The long and short of the story is, yes, you can certainly eat dosa while you are pregnant. It is one of the healthiest food items that you can get out there, and probably the safest one to eat if you are craving for some fast food from an eatery. Besides, if you are residing in a country like India, it is likely that you can get a dosa from a vendor in almost any street corner, although that might not be completely safe; more on that later. In a nutshell, you are most welcome to eat your fill of dosa as long as you do not overdo your consumption.

Good for digestion

The dosa crepe is made from fermented rice and pulse grains, which are soaked overnight and left to ferment, and then ground into a smooth batter. This fermentation process raises the question of food safety in the pregnant mother, who is advised to stay away from food with a parasite colony. But the good news is: the fermented rice and pulse grains play host to probiotic bacteria, which is actually the good bacteria that already live in your stomach and intestines and helps in the process of digestion. It is the same bacteria that live in yogurt, and even specially manufactured probiotic yogurt. So, basically, if you eat dosa, you will actually be able to boost your digestive system.

Easy to make

Dosa is also very easy to make, which makes it the easiest option for the pregnant woman. Your life will not be on hold because you are pregnant, and it is likely that you will be going to work and managing the household just the same. A quick and easy food option will come as a boon to your easily tired system. Besides, the dosa can be highly nutritious, thanks to the little to no oil required in the cooking, the vegetable-based drips, and the versatile filling which can have anything from an assortment of freshly baked vegetables to lean meats.

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A word of caution

The dosa is easy to make, so it is best to opt for the homemade version instead of the store bought ones. When you make the dosa at home, you have complete control over the amount of butter and oil you use, and also on the freshness of the filling and cleanliness of the cooking area. Opt for low-fat versions that do not have an abundance of cheese, and has a wide variety of fresh vegetables and meats.