can i eat raw mango in pregnancy

Can I eat raw mangoes during pregnancy?

Mangoes are seasonal fruits that are the favorite of almost every person. They come in many varieties, and each is almost as delicious as the other. What’s more, mangoes are almost as delicious when they are ripe as they are when unripe. But their taste is not all that is good about mangoes; they are high in nutritional quotient as well, making them a recommended fruit in almost every diet. They can be eaten as they are, tempered with spices and condiments, cooked in curries, and even be preserved as delicious pickles. But how much of this is okay to be consumed when you are pregnant? If that is the question bothering you this summer, read on to find out if you can eat raw mangoes during pregnancy.

They are recommended, actually

Unripe mangoes, whether or not they are recommended, are on the list of almost every pregnant woman. And the good news is, they are actually recommended fruits for the pregnant lady, thanks to their high nutritional value. They contain a good amount of antioxidants and a smattering of nutrients like vitamins and minerals and are generally easy on the stomach enough to guarantee zero digestive problems. On the other hand, however, a little bit of caution will never go amiss, and it is best to consume these fruits in moderation to avoid any problems with an already weakened system.

Lots of Vitamin C

Raw mangoes contain a good amount of vitamin C, which is useful in meeting the calcium requirement of the pregnant body. The weakening of bones is common during pregnancy, and raw mangoes will help in proving you with part of the recommended daily intake, thus helping to strengthen your bones and the skeletal structure of the developing baby. Besides, Vitamin C will also help to regulate your blood pressure and increase the number of red blood cells.

Regulates digestion

Raw mangoes are very helpful in regulating digestive problems such as constipation and acidity. Every pregnant woman is familiar with these problems that make every meal and every morning fearsome, but eating a raw mango a day will certainly help in keeping these incidences under control. There is a lot of alkali in the fruit, plus a great amount of dietary fiber, both of which will improve the digestive system and help the body process food easier. In the long run, it will also improve your metabolism, thus ensuring that you do not gain excess weight, which is harmful to the pregnancy.

Keeps down nausea

Morning sickness is the commonest problem faced by pregnant women, especially during the first trimester. While eating raw mangoes regularly will not reduce the incidence or intensity of these phases, chewing on a piece will certainly keep nausea at bay for the time being. It also helps in quelling the queasiness in the stomach that many pregnant women face after meals.

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The good part about raw mangoes is that there are really no harmful effects on the body of either the mother or the baby. It is best to eat them in moderation as overindulging can introduce too much fiber and cause diarrhea. However, if the doctor specifically advises against eating them considering your health, it is best to avoid them altogether and look for alternatives. If not, do make the best of them while they last.