early signs of pregnancy

Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Besides missing periods, you may come across several symptoms in the initial few weeks after conceptions. To gain surety that you are pregnant, requires you to get knowledge about these symptoms. This article presents you a checklist of early symptoms of pregnancy that should be considered as a guideline to know whether or not you are pregnant.

Tender, and swollen breasts

One of the first signs of you being pregnant is that your breast appears a little different than normal. It may feel tender, sore, tingling, aching and swollen. You can even find them becoming fuller, and heavier. Also, the area that surrounds the nipple region becomes dark.

This happens due to changes in the hormones in pregnancy that happens after two weeks of conception. You may find these changes to develop between week four to six weeks after conception. These symptoms will disappear once your body gets adjusted to the changes in the hormone.

Missed periods

You can miss your menstrual periods after the completion of the implantation program. At this stage, your body begins to secrete human chorionic gonadotropin hormone that aids it to maintain the pregnancy and instructs ovaries to not release mature eggs per month.

This symptom will happen after four weeks of conception. An at-home pregnancy kit can help you determine whether it is due to irregular periods, or due to pregnancy.

Increased body temperature

Another symptom of early pregnancy is due to rise in the core temperature of the body. It will require you to stay adequately hydrated, and perform exercise carefully.


This is a major sign of early pregnancy. If you begin to feel tired, and fatigue these days without any physical exertion, then this could be due to pregnancy. The cause for this symptom is increase in the levels of another vital female hormone, “progesterone”. The high levels of this hormone make you sleepy. It causes blood pressure, and blood sugar levels to drop. It ultimately leads to increased production of blood in the body. It can even take away your energy in your pregnancy.


Another sign of early pregnancy is constipation. This happens due to high levels of progesterone that causes slow movement of food via the intestinal tract. It eventually results in constipation.

However, this is not the sure case of pregnancy as it can also happen due to a few more reasons that includes low physical activity, inadequate water consumption, lack of fiber in food, junk foods, and more.

Cramps and slight bleeding

Another major early sign of pregnancy is if you notice vaginal bleeding, or small spotting. It is generally seen in ten or fourteen days after fertilization. The bleeding is lighter in color, and doesn’t last for a longer time. It may also be accompanied with cramps in the abdomen region. These cramps will feel like menstrual cramps.

Mood swings

Hormones determine our moods. So, when they change, it leads to changes in moods too. As pregnancy involves up, and down in the hormone level, you may feel sometimes high or low. The gush of hormones in the body in your early pregnancy can make you weepy, or extremely emotional. You will start to notice these signs in the first three months of conception.

Nausea accompanied with or without vomiting

Morning sickness is considered to be the classic sign of pregnancy. Women who are expecting pregnancy can feel nausea in the first two weeks post conception. The reason for this discomfort is the quick increase in the estrogen levels. It causes the stomach to empty quickly. You may even expect vomiting sensation and sensitivity towards smell of foods, perfume, cigarette, smoke etc.

Heightened Body Odor

Another sign of early pregnancy is that you may start to experience increased body odor. Though this symptom can also be caused due to stress, increased physical activity, lack of hydration, smoking etc. It is advised to take other symptoms also into consideration when establishing early pregnancy.

Dizziness, and headache

If you are in your early stage of pregnancy, you may start to feel light-headedness, dizziness, and faintness. This is caused due to hormonal imbalance. Mild, and frequent headache is also possible.

Food aversions

You may be averse towards certain types of foods that includes fried foods, coffee etc., and tempted to eat certain foods.


This is the comprehensive list of early indications of pregnancy. However, it may also be due to nearing of your menstruation. On relating to these signs, it is advised to a gynecologist for a checkup. Ultrasounds, and specialized pregnancy tests will definitely give you a clear picture.