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How To Stay Active And Fit During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is full of surprises. On one side, you are bestowed with a glow on your face and then weight gain, fatigue, and mood swings hit you like anything!!

Feeling low and lethargic does not let you enjoy your pregnancy wholeheartedly. The goal should be to make the most out of this beautiful experience. Let me share some very simple and affordable techniques that can assist you to be in good physical condition along with an active spirit throughout your pregnancy days.

First of all – Keep calm!

Feeling stressed all the time makes the body lose its energy. Even if you do not actually lack physical enthusiasm, but your worried mind forces you to feel tired. You need to tell your mind that “all is well” and everything will be fine in the future too. The rollercoaster of emotions makes you feel like something is always going to be wrong! But that’s not true and you know that!

Dear soon-mom-to-be, you need to relax to be mentally and physically active. Here are some tips to be physically alert: 

# Indulge yourself in a meditation session. It soothes the nerves of your brain and relaxes your body. 

# You can listen to calming music to give yourself a dose of relaxation. 

# Stop worrying unnecessarily. Don’t ask yourself questions like: “would you be able to take care of your infant after birth or would you be able to give him a good life!!” (The general emotions every to-be-parent has)

By bothering yourself about these things during your pregnancy, you are putting strain on your body, which automatically puts a bad impact on the health of your unborn child. 

Keep Moving 

Sitting ideal at a place and not letting your body move is the worst pregnancy scenario. I know it’s hard during the pregnancy, but let me tell you, you will thank me later!

Doing some mild exercises will be the best decision for you during pregnancy. Remember you’re working out to stay healthy -not to break any records.

If doing exercises seem too much to you, at least have a walk. Walking will stimulate your body and you will be energetic. This may also help you to shed that extra weight that you might have gained during pregnancy. 

Some other tips include: Taking stairs instead of the lift and doing small household chores. Moreover, push yourself to the yoga mat, it definitely will work for you. 

Keep yourself hydrated

Even though pregnancy makes you use the washroom several times a day, do not refrain from drinking enough water. Some pregnant women have the tendency to abandon intake of water as they do not want to face the hassle of going to the washroom more frequently.

Doctors recommend at least 10 glasses of water each day to an expecting mother.  If you get tired of drinking plain water, you can simply divert yourself to other alternatives such as: eating cucumber, strawberries, and limes.

Staying hydrated will also keep you away from constipation. As a result, your energy level will be up. 

Watch your sugar intake

We understand that keeping desserts at bay feels like torture during pregnancy, but if you do not want to put on the extra weight and stay healthy, you need to make the sacrifice. 

Limiting your sugar will allow your body to remain healthy. Refined sugar is the biggest contributor to an unhealthy body. Not only yours, but it also affects the child too. According to a study, it affects the child’s memory. You do not want that right?

However, I am not that cruel to suggest you not to eat sugar at all!!

Instead of buying wholesale sizes, go for smaller packages of sugary products, or trying to opt for a brand with less processed ingredients will be a smart choice. Creating a thoughtful snacking routine will definitely render you with a fit and active body. And, you will enjoy your pregnancy while not being sluggish and fat but by feeling agile and being in shape!


So dear expecting mothers, listen to your body and let it cherish this overwhelming experience while being healthy and dynamic. Do not forget, staying salubrious while being pregnant doesn’t mean being a superwoman. Take a nap, lie on the couch with a book, and do whenever you feel like but do not forget to help your body with the tips mentioned above.

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