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10 Baby Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

There might not be any direct hacks to tackle motherhood but there are certain sure-shot ways of ensuring that you considerably ease the process. One such trick is to cash in on some extremely useful and must-have products that help you handle the numerous tough situations that motherhood puts you through. In this post, we bring to you ten such products that you should be buying before your new baby comes home. Luckily enough, there are enough and more solutions available in the market today to tackle what makes it difficult to be new parents. 

Baby Monitor

baby monitor

As a new mother who might be just recovering from the hormone cocktail that is pregnancy, you want to take up as little mental stress as possible. Your maternal instincts have kicked in and are at an irrational peak. The safety of your newborn is no joke, vulnerable as they are. Having a baby monitor which is a radio device that lets you watch and hear your baby anytime offers you assurance and peace when you need to step away for a bit. 

Diaper Cream

diaper cream

Diaper rashes are way more common than you think and your baby’s angry little cheeks might look quite painful and freak you out. Hence diaper cream to the rescue. This handy rash cream proves effective in getting rid of diaper rashes. Moreover, it can also be used to prevent them. The zinc oxide present in good concentrations helps in treating rashes effectively.

Baby Swaddles

baby swaddle

Your baby could be in tears for various reasons but very commonly, it’s just because they are new to this big strange world and don’t have a clue about what is happening. What they need then is a feeling of security like they are used to in the womb and baby swaddles help them achieve the same sense of comfort and warmth. It will get them to stop crying and sleep so much better. 

Baby Bathtub

bathtub baby

Bathing your newborn is not going to be an easy experience as depicted by baby shampoo commercials. Cleaning up your little one is not going to be a routine procedure but rather one that needs to happen frequently as let’s face it, babies are messy. Having a baby bathtub makes it easier to wash them and many of them can fit into a sink. 

Bibs with catchers

Feeding bibs are an amazing discovery. Children are messy in everything that they do and your baby is just figuring out how to use their hands. They are going to play around with their food and spill as much as possible. But this does not have to be as terrifying as it usually is if you have a bib that has a catcher sewed on as it takes care of liquid and solid food mess easily by catching it.

Car Seat

When it comes to your child’s safety, there is room for nothing but the best and most secure options and specially designed car seats are very essential. You cannot leave your baby behind at all times when you have chores or you need to drop them off somewhere. Rear-facing car seats offer maximum protection from injuries and save their lives if any unforeseen incidents occur.

Nursing Pillow

nursing pillow

If you have just begun to recover from the process of delivery, or even worse a C-section, it is going to be quite difficult for you to feed your baby and hold them right when your whole body is aching. A nursing pillow will help you place your baby safely at the correct height to feed them and you do not have to worry about whether you are holding them properly. You do not have to strain your neck or back if you use one of these.

Bottle Brush

baby bottle brush

You have to clean your baby’s bottle after every time you use it. Bacteria and other germs can easily accumulate because of the moist and warm conditions present in the bottles. Cleaning it becomes easier when you use a bottle brush that is designed to reach all the corners and provide a thorough finish.

Anti-Colic Bottle

anti colic bottle

Baby is sadly very prone to colic and they keep swallowing air when they drink from regular bottles. These specialized bottles help ease the feeding experience by making sure that your baby swallows only milk and not air when drinking from them. When air bubbles travel into your baby’s digestive tract they cause pain and discomfort.

Bre ast Pump

 breast pump

You can go about your day without having to worry about feeding your baby when you have these highly essential devices at home. Even though this seems like an obvious thing to have, it will be surprising for you to know that many new moms haven’t even heard about it. It is very important that your baby only consumes brea st milk even when they are away from you for up to six months before you can introduce them to other food. You can pump and store for later.