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10 Everyday Things New Moms Miss The Most From Their Pre-Baby Lives

There is no denying that being a mother is one of the happiest experiences a woman can have. It is inevitable they had to give up some of the things they had before they had a child, which is a reality. A new mom will be missing a lot of the little activities she used to do every day in her pre-kid life. 

We have enlisted 10 everyday things new moms will miss the most from their pre-baby lives.

If you are a mom, you are sure to either laugh, cry, nod her head in agreement, or all of the above as you find yourself relating to these.

#1 Getting a Peaceful Sleep (at any time of the day)

yawning mom

It is not surprising if you keep yawning most of the time after having kids. Getting a peaceful good-night sleep or even a short afternoon nap would seem like a long-lost treasure. There is an unsaid rule that any new mom must adhere to at all times: sleep when your kid sleeps and wake up when your kid wakes up. 

Hectic, right? Wait until your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and would just not go to sleep even after an hour of constant cradling.

As opposed to the days following the birth of her children, when she would be eagerly awaiting their bedtime so she could get some shut-eye herself.

#2 Taking Sick Days

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Even the cruelest of a boss would let you take a leave when you are being crumpled under the pressure of paperwork and working sick. All a pre-kid mom had to do on a sick day was make herself some broth, pop in a pill, and rest until she felt fine.

 After having kids, the whole scenario changes altogether. The kids would simply not give a damn if their mom is sick – they have their priorities set straight! They want to be fed every other hour? You NEED to make food. They want to cradle all the more often in the night so they do not get up? You do what you NEED to do. They want to play with you at 2 in the morning? Well, gather the toys!

#3 The Pre-Kid Figure

1st trimester

Image source: Jenessa Crystal

Of course, every woman has a different body even before they have given birth! But we think all moms can attest to the fact that they never really go back to their pre-kid figure after birth – not easily at least.

Since all mothers adore their children, it’s almost like a continuous joke that no matter how hard they try, their bodies will never return to their pre-pregnancy state.

Whether the new mom was skinny, petite, or full-figured, if she wants to go back to her pre-kid figure, it will be a tough battle – one that includes working out, maintaining a strict diet, and shifting a little of the focus back to herself.

#4 The Bathroom Being A Sacred Place

don't leave me mama

Source: Summer and muu

Let’s be honest, the bathroom is and always will be a sacred place for the ladies – one where you have full rights to privacy! As a new mom, that will change for a LONG-LONG time. Having a child means that a mother relinquishes her right to privacy in every way possible. It’s even funnier when they understand it when they’re older. 

At least, from the outside looking in… It’s not uncommon for moms to tell stories about how they can’t even go to the bathroom in peace without their children rushing in there to see what’s going on.

#5 Keeping A Room Clean

messy house with baby

There’s one thing about cleaning a room and there’s another thing about keeping it clean. Once you are a new mom, it is almost impossible to clean a room and it staying clean. So, before it all goes back to the square to one, relish in the moment of joy that a cleanroom brings. Because the next thing you know, your wardrobe is disheveled, there’s nappies lying in the corner of the room, some spilled food on the mattress you bought, and whatnot!

With kids around, it takes a lot of time and works to keep the house tidy. Any mother who even tries is a hero, even if she fails.

#6 Traveling (with just a carry-on)

traveling with baby

Source: Pregistry

Oh! The places you dreamt of going. We are sure every mom misses the possibility of making spontaneous decisions about traveling and going off on a trip- maybe with just a carry-on. 


We are not saying traveling with kids is impossible, but it certainly is not the same as traveling as a pre-kid mom. You could just be sitting on a beach, sipping mimosas, or dancing at a crazy party until your heels hurt. 

Nanny or another adult to help Mom and Dad care for the child is now considered a good idea. Traveling with children, on the other hand, maybe an adventure in and of itself.

#7 Lazy Days

mom sleeping in kitchen with baby

Remember those lazy days that felt like Sundays when you would wake up, tune in to your favorite show, make yourself your favorite savory breakfast (or maybe just order in) and relax in your pajamas all day? We are sure you do and we are also sure you are comparing to your life as a mom now!

The thing now is that you could be in your pajamas all day and still not get an ounce of rest. Those staycation or lazy days have just disappeared into thin air!

After having children, the idea of a single day to recharge, relax, and let go would have been taken for granted. Because after having children, it’s something that every mother craves.

#8 The Pre-Kid Home

From the drawing on the wall to the scribble on your favorite vase, a home does not stay the same after kids. You would not know about your child’s creativity and how capable they are of revamping your whole house until you give them a set of crayons or even markers. 

Next thing you know, it’s a doodle city!

There is a good chance a mom will miss what her home looked like before she had kids. The home will never be the same after a child comes in.

#9 The Amount of Laundry

Every mom misses the amount of laundry she had to do in her pre-baby life. Let’s just rephrase it: The lack of the amount of laundry. Once you have kids, you will have to be cleaning nappies, those cute little baby clothes, and those food napkins all the time. 

It would not even be shocking anymore if you have a mountain of dirty clothes stacked on some random chair if you miss out on the laundry even for a day. 

Thus, it would not be wrong to say that the lack of laundry is something every mom misses from her pre-baby life.

#10 Grocery Shopping In Peace

There was a time when there were no small arms that would reach out of the cart and grab hold of anything they can handle when grocery shopping. Those were the good old days! 

There are still women who have to go grocery shopping with their kids in tow, despite the rise of internet shopping services like click lists and delivery services. 

Before becoming a mom, the only things that ended up in the cart were the goods on the list and a mom’s guilty pleasure, among other things that were really necessary.