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15 Things They Don’t Tell You About Having A Newborn

I think most moms will agree that nothing can quite prepare you for the experience of having a newborn. From the constant feeding, burping, changing, and infinite repeats, it is somehow more challenging yet rewarding than anything you could have hoped for. Does your baby make labor and everything else that follows worth it? Absolutely. Yes, no one can be fully prepared for motherhood and every experience is as unique as it is wonderful. Nevertheless, we believe that all to-be moms need to have some sort of heads-up before stepping into this life-changing new reality. Here are some 15 odd things about having a newborn baby that they don’t tell you about:

1. You become quite the efficient multitasker who realizes that one hand was enough all along to carry out day-to-day menial functions like working and eating.

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2. Your house constantly smells of your baby. You realize this when you step out for a bit and come back to that wonderful smell you love the most.

newborn smell

3. There is a high chance that your baby does not like your n1pples or prefers to drink milk from only one. And there is nothing much that you can do about this.

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4. Messy beds and messy houses are now a reality that you need to come to terms with because while you can clean everything, there is going to be no time for those therapeutic organization sessions.

messy house with baby

5. At one point, you don’t know who is crying more. You or your baby. Everything is sad yet beautiful and you cannot help yourself from expressing it with tears.

mom baby crying

6. If you have had a C-section, simple things like sitting down is going to hurt a lot and you learn to be on all fours at all times.

c section pain

7. There is no day or night for you. You and your partner are in a little world with your newborn with someone leaving this little bubble occasionally to buy stuff.

tired new parents

8. You can nap just about anywhere. In the shower, for a few minutes hidden away in the kitchen. Power-naps redefined.

mom sleeping in kitchen with baby

9. You are scared of going out anywhere because home is the only safe place for your little bundle. The world outside is cruel, dirty, and scary and you hate it.

10. Your bedroom is a haven from your living room which positively resembles a teenager’s hostel dorm- complete with blankets and biscuits on the floor right in front of the television. Who needs glamming anyway?

11. If you cannot put your baby to sleep, don’t worry. The characters in their favorite nursery rhyme books and TV will rise to the task and succeed. An animated parent that you try hard not to get jealous of.

12. Even with the AC blasting at full speed or snow outside, you wake up with night sweats that positively drench you.

13. You simply cannot be bothered trying to dress up when you take a look at your post-natal belly and bre asts that hurt even when you look at them. But it doesn’t matter because you’re not wearing a top at home anyway and have no plans to step out. 

14. Unlike what movies and Instagram have led you to believe, puppies are perfectly capable of being jealous and might take about a week to come to terms with your new fur-less baby.

15. Your disaster instincts kick in and you could write the new Final Destination movie. It might seem unlikely but your baby could somehow go into the bathroom and trap themselves and then get electr0cuted in the tub with a hairdryer that they carry on the way that somehow became faulty. It is not fully impossible. Or so says your mommy-brain at midnight.