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15 Comics New Moms Can Totally Relate With

It goes without saying that being a new mom is an adventure in itself – a roller coaster filled with varying emotions from happiness, to sheer joy, to even frustration and exhaustion.

If you are a new mom (possibly still holding the baby in your arms as you read this), you will most certainly find these 15 comics relatable to you.

Let’s begin leafing through…


baby after cleaning

Source: @alefavoretti

It’s all fun and games with the baby until he or she po0ps out of the blue moon! Once that happens, you need to drop everything and get back to cleaning duty for the thousandth time.


mom takes a nap

Source: @milkymakers

When you become a new mom, there is nothing like a good-night sleep or even a nap. The moment you decide to shut your eyes and take a little break, you hear the whining.

There starts the war duty, AGAIN!

Then you take a glance at the dad, and you will find him sleeping like he has no care in the world.


before kids after kids

Source: @wadaniart

A t0ilet is never a t0ilet once you enter the life of a new mom.

Once you welcome your baby into this new world and your life, the only private space you will be getting is in your bathroom (sometimes noy even that!).

That should now be your place of refuge, crying corner, meditation space, recharge area, and whatnot!


mom dad baby sleeping

Source: @alefavoretti

It’s always the mother and the baby! The dad becomes a side-component on the bed!


missing baby and workSource: @alefavoretti

Well, well, how the tables turn! There was a time when you were once on the office chair, sitting at your desk and yearning to hold your baby in your hands. Now there has a come a time when your baby is in your arms, flapping his limbs (probably also p0oping in your lap) and you miss your work environment.


daddy's girl

Source: @itsamumslife_comics

We know you can not imagine the amount of heartbreak it gives when your baby spots her ‘dear’ daddy and would do anything to escape your arms and be in his.


first meal after delivery

Source: @milkymakers

The heavenly feeling of eating your first meal after going through the pain of labor and delivery is indescribable!


dad helping new mom

Source: @kosogkaos

Handling a baby can never be a one-man or one-woman job. When your baby starts sobbing, you practically need to engage all forces, from the dad, to the househelp, to anyone else present – no amount of help is ever more!


baby pulling mom hair

Source: @kosogkaos

Your baby is literally the arch-nemesis of your voluminous hair! Once they decide to tighten their fists around a handful of your hair, there is no power in the world that can open those fists.


baby sleeping on mom's back

Source: @kosogkaos

Your baby’s favorite comfort spot for sleeping? Your back!


husband feeding wife

Source: @milkymakers

Having your partner take care of you while you take care of the baby is probably one of the most surreal experiences you wil have as a new mom.


baby shark doo doo stuck in mom head


Source: @milkymakers

All hail nursery rhymes! They will stuck in your head all day. From ‘Baby Shark’ to ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, being a new mom is like reliving your toddler life (half of which you don’t even remember).


quiet baby

Source: @milkymakers

If you often feel scared that the baby might have stopped breathing while he is asleep, you are not the only one. Every other new mom feels furrows her brows when the baby is too quiet while sleeping.


arm under the baby

Source: @heartilyart

One thing your baby loves more than a side pillow or a comfy crib is your arm underneath them. When you put an arm underneath the baby when they go to sleep, you are making an unsaid pledge that you will be there forever.


baby clothes timeline

Source: @heartilyart

It’s a curse – the maximum amount of time that a cloth will perfectly fit your baby is probably 2 hours. Other times it will either feel too small or too big!

We are sure you must have found yourself relating to multiple of these situations, whether it is the unexpected baby po0p or reminiscing the nursery rhymes you learnt as kids. Tell us what you found the most relatable to you as a new mom in the comments below.

Also, here is an important reminder: Give yourself a little break whenever you can and do what you love the most. You deserve it!