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6 Household Chores To Avoid During Pregnancy

You know it is time to redelegate your household chores to someone else when you have a baby growing inside of you. However, if you still insist on carrying out a few tasks, you should know where to draw the line. 

We understand if you are sometimes hit with strong nesting instincts. But, you should know that there are a few household chores you must avoid to keep the little munchkin safe. 

Relax and avoid the following tasks. You will still be the superwoman that you are even if you avoid a few chores!

#1 Climbing

Did the bookshelf get too dusty? If you are thinking about putting on the gloves, climbing the ladder, and starting to clean, we are flashing a huge ‘No-no!’ sign at you. During pregnancy, you should never even think of climbing ladders and stools. The reason is simple: Anyone could get wobbly on a stool or a ladder. You, as a pregnant mother, should be even more careful. 

Always try to delegate your task and find assistance from people around you; if no one is available, it is always best to call for cleaning services to do your cleaning for you.

#2 Lifting Heavy Loads

lifting heavy loads

It is obvious that you should not be lifting heavy loads during pregnancy. If you need to move things around, ask for assistance from relatives, people at home, or your partner. If you struggle with heavy loads on your own, it will put an immense amount of strain on your lower back which could lead to a back injury. 

That is the last thing you need during pregnancy!

#3 Cleaning Up After Pets

pregnant woman with a cat

Yes, we know those gleaming beady eyes of your adorable kitten or pup mean the world to you. But, if you are a pregnant pet owner, you should know that you can be exposed to a number of parasites and germs if you clean up after them. Dog and cat fe ces contain harmful toxins that can cause harm to the baby and the mother.

#4 General Cleaning with Chemicals

During pregnancy, it’s recommended to not use toxic cleaners with harmful chemicals that can harm the baby. Always check the label of the cleaners to know if they contain any harmful or toxic chemicals.

In order to minimize chemical exposure avoid bug killer sprays, commercial oven cleaners, air fresheners, and other household cleaners that contain multiple chemicals.

Use these substitutes in place of toxic commercial cleaners:

  • Boric acid in place of bug killer sprays.
  • Baking soda and water paste instead of oven cleaner.
  • Vinegar instead of using bleach.
  • Hydrogen peroxide in place of commercial stain removers.

#5 Mopping and Vacuuming

pregnancy vaccum and mopping

Mopping and vacuuming require bending, and it can cause inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Aggravated sciatica is very common during pregnancy; it is because of the weight gain, the pressure of the uterus on the nerve, and the chores that make one bend at an angle that worsen the pain. It often happens that the pregnant woman doesn’t feel the pain during the task, but experiences it later.

#6 Chores That Can Hurt The Belly

Avoid chores and other activities in which your belly will get in the way. Be careful with your belly, and don’t bump your belly into something like furniture, because it can give you bruises, and can even cause harm to the baby.

Tip: Don’t Over-do It

The first and third trimesters are known for extensive exhaustion, so it is recommended that you divide your task into small segments and spread them out throughout the week. With scheduled cleaning measures you can avoid the cleaning from piling up too much.

Do the chores only when you feel comfortable, if you are feeling a bit tired then don’t push yourself, and ask someone for help. Avoid cleaning for a long period, take frequent breaks, and don’t stretch yourself.

How to clean a baby’s room when pregnant?

When you are going to clean a baby’s room, make sure that whichever techniques you deploy are the safest. Here we have provided some of the basic cleaning measures that you must follow:

  • Keep the window open to get good ventilation in the room.
  • Sanitize the surfaces with baby-safe cleaning wipes.
  • Keep the pets away from the room.
  • Use a vacuum to remove extra dirt and dust.
  • Use a mild detergent to wash all the nursery bedding.