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6 Challenges New Parents Face

When a couple is becoming a parent, especially for the first time, their excitement rises to another level. They try to arrange the best possible ways to welcome that tiny little life in this world with their enormous love and care. But many times, they forgot to make a plan of tackling the challenges new parents face, once the baby arrives.

Proper planning and arrangement should be there, so that both the parties, the parents and the child, would enjoy their moments with each other. Here is a list of six challenges, which new parents might face. This will help them to plan their parenthood journey, smoothly.

#1 Sleepless nights

sleepless nights

Image: Esther Anderson

Are you one of those sleeping beasts and beauties, who don’t even sacrifice your sleep for a Party? Well, it’s ok. You will be a professional insomniac in the first few weeks, itself.

Well, this little newborn needs your proper attention and he/she doesn’t care if it’s a day or a night!! To overcome this issue, you and your partner can communicate with each other. When one is having his/her good night’s sleep, another will be making that grumpy baby happy, in the middle of the night.

#2 Bathing the baby

nobody stronger than baby

Being one of those people who can’t bear a single drop of water on the table and wants everything around you to be clean and tidy is amazing, many times. Surely, you want the baby to be clean, always. It might seem too easy to make a toddler bath, as he/she can’t walk or talk much for now. But don’t forget, they can cry. Cry as loud, even the neighbors could come and ask you what is going on!!

In order to find a solution for this bathing baby challenge, always make sure to have one elder female by your side. Since they are more experienced than you, it is always a good choice to request the grandmother of the baby to take her/him to a bath. No doubt, One of the most common challenges new parents face.

#3 Changing diapers

changing diapers funny

Credit: @milkymakers

Do you think changing the diaper of the toddler is an easy task? Well, have you ever seen the WWE Matches? Well, It’s the same. It’s just like a wrestling match between you and the kid. These kids run here and there as fast as the speed of a superfast train.

If planned properly, it is an easy thing to do. Though being a new parent could be stressful for you but taking few steps can reduce the stress. Keep everything with you such as wipes, diapers, and rash cream, in hand, before starting the diaper change. Always keep one hand on your baby and change the diaper using the other. Once the baby becomes potty trained, it becomes easy for you.

#4 Cutting nails

cutting baby nail scary

Source: BPM

Aww, imagine those small and delicate nails of these cuties. Wondering how it could be a challenge for the parents to cut those tiny nails? This is the issue. The nails of these cuties are so tiny that many times they got mistaken with the skin of the child. Thus, this could be a big challenge for the parents to cut them.

Someone from the family who has more experience could cut the nails more properly than the parents. The parents should make sure that the skin should not get nip while cutting the nails. If you are cutting it on your own, make sure you have an ample amount of time because this process will take time. Just make sure to cut the nails on time, else these small nails can become tiny weapons, so soon.

#5 Managing house chores

managing house chores with baby

With heavily loaded house chores activities in one hand and a grumpy toddler (most of the time) in another hand, it becomes tough for the new parents to handle both, efficiently. And when you both are working, then “We Don’t Know What To Say”.

The first thing the couple should do is to seek help, be it from family, friends, or house help, maybe. Getting a baby carrier could be another option to get in constant touch with the baby. Last but not the least, get your work cycle in sync with the routine of the baby, to make it easier for you. This way, you can manage your work properly while getting enough time to relax and enjoy yourself with the baby.

#6 Managing professional life

managing professional life

It’s your team meeting going on, on zoom. The client asks you to show the features of the new product. You are about to share your screen, the toddler started his/her happy tune of crying aloud. Seems True!!

Yes, it is one of the most complex phases of life, where you have to manage both professional and personal routines, with all efficiency. It’s not easy though but professional life could be managed with a new toddler by getting good child care. This is one of the most common challenges new parents face and they use the “divide and conquer” rule for this phase of their life. Dividing the house chores and baby chores between them and their partners. This is the easiest and happiest solution to go with.

Just don’t worry about this phase. With every new beginning, comes various challenges. Having a baby is the most beautiful phase of your life or we can say “a new life”. We have suggested some amazing solutions for the most common challenges new parents face. Just enjoy this transition, as much as you can as time never returns. Have fun with your toddler 🙂