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7 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Got Pregnant

It is true that only a pregnant woman knows the struggle of her situation. It is also true that a pregnant woman needs genuine tips and advice to get through the phase.

Becoming a mother is one of the best things that happens to a woman but she undergoes several life-altering changes in those 9 months of her life. Many of these women don’t know what they have signed up for. From constant mood swings to body pains to weird cravings, they have to face it all.

Here’s what many women wish they knew before getting pregnant to deal with the situation better.

#1 Sometimes, You Will Get Very Tired

tired pregnant woman

During pregnancy, your body produces extra hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. It takes a while for your body to adapt to increased hormone secretion. In fact, the increase in hormone levels of the body also contributes to morning sickness. Some women feel sick all throughout the day because of the infinite internal changes.

You will feel tired at work, you will feel tired at a movie, you will feel tired literally everywhere. So, take as much rest as you can during the first trimester to let your body cope with the variations.

#2 You Will Not Look As Pregnant As You Will Feel It

morning sickness pregnancy

Everybody thinks that pregnancy comes with a glow that is equivalent to the shine of the stars. But, the truth is it takes a while for your body to experience that glow. For the first three months, it is usually nausea and exhaustion that takes over your body. Even your bump won’t show as much. Only after the first 3-4 months, your body will experience physical changes that would be noticeable to ordinary people.

Therefore, if you are waiting eagerly for that glow and bump in the first trimester itself, you need to do some more waiting as these things take time.

#3 Food Cravings Oscillate A Lot!

pregnancy cravings

You will experience a lot of cravings during pregnancy. All your diet plans will take the backseat and cravings will drive the wheel of your food life. Even if you would want to eat healthily, your body might reject it. At this time, you don’t have much say in your eating choices. Rather, your body decides what you eat.

It may be so that the things you liked a lot before pregnancy might not suit your digestive system and things that you disliked previously are craved by your body. Also, you may feel hungry in the wee hours of midnight. But, you need to make sure that you eat enough healthy foods at the right times to avoid indigestion and acidity.  

#4 Don’t Rely On The Internet

pregnant woman using laptop

Since pregnancy is completely new for women, they tend to search for every piece of information to avoid making mistakes. But, the internet is a scary place, even for pregnant women. It has all sorts of unverified articles and misleading claims that can make your mental health swirl like you are in a whirlpool.

Tread with caution while you are searching on the internet. It is obviously considered best to consult your doctor for any medical advice but he/she might not be available at all times. So, ask your doctor for a source of information that you can rely on completely to satisfy your mind.

#5 Your Emotions Will Be On A Roller Coaster Ride

pregnant worried husband consoling

If you thought PMS was bad, pregnancy will take you to a whole other level. Fluctuating hormone levels turn you very moody and angry at times. The constantly increasing and decreasing estrogen and progesterone make you smile at one moment and cry at just another.

If you are working, you would find it very difficult to communicate with others since every little thing will have the potential to trigger your emotions. So, you can ask your doctor how to neutralize your sentiments and deal with the situation better. You can also make your loved ones alert about your change in behavior so that they know why you are reacting like this suddenly.

#6 Inevitable Body Changes

pregnant can't sleep

After the first trimester, you start to experience several physical bodily changes. Not all of it is bad and not all of it is good. You might feel unpleasant whilst sleeping as doctors advise you to sleep in a certain position. Your lower back may ache because it might not able to bear the pain at first. So, invest in comfortable chairs and cushions to support your body whilst you are sitting or sleeping.

Your breasts will also enlarge and weight gain is also to be expected. Keep exercising and don’t stop your movements completely during the last month of pregnancy.

#7 Your Romantic Life Changes Dramatically

And it may not be for the better. You can blame this one also on the hormones, they keep fluctuating and confusing you on how to react. In the first trimester when you are thoroughly nauseated and dizzy, you are fatigued all the time. Now, this may stabilize in the second trimester but certain complications may arise.

When everyone tells you that pregnancy is a magical time, you have a lot of positive expectations from it. It is because no one tells you the real scenario about what actually happens. That’s why we prepared these pointers after talking to several women who share their unique experiences with us.

Not every woman has the same problem. Everybody’s body reacts differently to the fluctuations in hormone levels. But, it is nice to know what to expect when your mind and body endure so many changes in so little time. These are the few things that you can truly expect after getting pregnant.