pregnant and after delivery

Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is, of course, a very challenging time. It cannot be compared to any other experience in the world. It is exciting as it is nerve-racking. Not every person experiences pregnancy the same way. Different mothers have different, unique, and memorable experiences that pave the way to memories for a lifetime. There are many things to hate about being pregnant. Sometimes, this tends to overshadow all the benefits that you experience. Because we tend to focus on the negative, if you are asked to recollect all the things that you love about your pregnancy, it can be pretty tricky.

Here are some things that you will miss about being pregnant when the baby is out!

#1 All the attention that you get from everybody around you

pregnant woman with friend

You don’t know what it is, but you have never felt this particular in your life. It is not just your partner treating you like a princess, queen and king all at once. Everyone you meet smiles at you and asks after your health and wellness. Everyone wants you to be OK and happy. They let you know this as well. Even if you face the slightest discomfort, you don’t have to worry about someone not noticing. It will most likely be your partner who is at your beck and call at any time of the day. You’ll find that you can ask them to do almost anything, and they will do it without hesitation. Unfortunately, this attention does not last longer than when the baby is due. Your little one will be the irreplaceable star of the show very soon. Somehow, you don’t mind at all, but you do miss being the diva that you were.

#2 You get away with almost everything

pregnant worried husband consoling

Nobody is going to be mad at a pregnant woman. Everyone knows that pregnancy is when women tend to be forgetful because of evolution. Yep, that’s right. You are predetermined to think more about your baby and nothing else. Whether you genuinely forget to show up for your friend’s gallery opening or you pretend to, it doesn’t matter. Everyone knows that baby brain makes you quite forgetful even though you don’t mean to. Or you can say that you have terrible leg cramps or backache or almost anything. Because like we said, nobody will be mad at a pregnant woman for not returning a call on time or forgetting to pay the bills. It is just what pregnancy does to you!

#3 Your partner is doing all the chores

husband cooking for pregnant wife

You wish you could get used to this. You notice that pregnancy is the only time when they are OK with taking out the trash and washing the dishes right afterward without even being told. Nobody wants you to strain yourself when you are pregnant, and everyone in the household offers to help. Sadly, this is not something that you can get used to. Soon, your partner will help you look after the baby, but you can forget about them volunteering to vacuum the house every time. You begin sharing responsibilities again. This is probably the thing that you will miss the most about pregnancy, to be honest.

#4 You can eat what you want

pregnant woman funny food cravings

Terminologies are very different during and after pregnancy. It is OK to eat salt and vinegar chips and crave the same when pregnant, even if it is midnight and your partner has to drive a bit to get hold of it. However, try making the same request after your baby is born. What was once a craving is now called greed. Nobody will make you feel guilty about eating whatever you want when you’re pregnant because everyone assumes that you have random cravings all the time that are completely out of your control. This is true most of the time but not always. Because you are supposed to gain weight anyway, you will not say no to that Mars bar.

#5 People are incredibly friendly to you

giving away seat to pregnant woman in bus train

Pregnancy can make you appreciate what chivalry is and how people treat other people. You will notice that doors open for you, and people make way for you so that you can get ahead of queues. You never realized just how friendly your neighborhood is. Sadly, all of this disappears the minute that you give birth because, after that, you are just supposed to handle things for yourself as a responsible mother would. Nobody will give up their seat for you on the bus or the subway when you are not pregnant anymore. Everywhere you go, people treat you as nicely as possible. This VIP treatment lasts as long as the bump does.

#6 You do not have periods

woman worried about periods

Aunt Flo is not going to be showing up every month for a while now, especially if you are going to be lactating as well. This is not something you enjoy at any other point in your life, given that you are healthy. You don’t have to suffer from the symptoms of PMT, the bad mood, and the pain. You are going to save so much money on tampons or sanitary pads when you are pregnant. Once you are done giving birth and breastfeeding, it is going to be back just as bad as ever, and you are going to miss the time when the bumps saved you from having to change tampons every four hours

As challenging as pregnancy is, it is also one of the most beautiful periods of your life. You will undoubtedly miss so much about it and want to do it all over again. Something that you will miss just as much as the other things on the list is the anticipation of your new life. For nine months, you have had something to look forward to. It is better than you expected, but you also feel that some part of your life has just ended. This is not at all a bad thing because you have so much to look forward to with your new baby.