can i eat apple in pregnancy

Can I eat apples in pregnancy?

The old saying goes: an apple a day keeps a doctor away. We all know that apples are miracle fruits, full of a bunch of essential nutrients required by the human body. And we also know that we are required to get a lot more nutrients than usual when we are pregnant, given that we are eating for two. But things are not the same during pregnancy, and it is highly likely that you will come across multiple old wives’ tales and words of caution about eating apples during those nine months. And it does make sense, somewhat; pregnancy is a difficult time, and we have to be very careful of what we put into our bodies. So without further ado, let us find out whether or not we can eat apples during pregnancy.

In moderation, certainly!

The answer is actually quite simple: there is nothing to stop you from eating a few apples while you are pregnant. Apples are very rich in a number of nutrients, which help you not just in your daily, regular life, but also when you are pregnant. They are rich in flavonoids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. Apples also contain a number of vitamins and minerals which are extremely beneficial for the pregnant woman. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should to overindulge in your apple consumption. Like everything else, too much of even a good thing can be harmful while you are pregnant.

Vitamin C

Apples contain a very high amount of vitamin C, which helps in maintaining blood pressure and preventing anemia. Anemia in a pregnant woman can have devastating effects, leading to nausea and dizziness during pregnancy, and in extreme cases, causing preterm labor leading to miscarriages. If you ensure the inclusion of a healthy amount of apples in your daily diet, you will be getting a good percentage of the recommended iron intake as well, ensuring that you don’t suffer from anemia. Besides, this will also help in the proper growth of the baby’s circulatory system. Besides, the vitamin C also helps in building the immunity of both the mother and the baby, and this is especially helpful for the mother, whose immune system has already taken a hit thanks to the pregnancy.

Improves digestion

Apples have a pretty high content of water and dietary fiber, and that is extremely helpful for the pregnant woman. Every pregnant woman knows how difficult bowel movements become, thanks to constipation that sets in due to the changes in hormone secretion and the increasing pressure on the intestines. Diarrhea is also common as the digestive system goes for a toss with the increasing hormonal imbalances. Naturally, the best way of dealing with this issue is to ensure that you eat a lot of fiber and drink a lot of water. And apples can help you a lot in this regard; the water content will keep you hydrated, and the water and dietary fiber will keep your metabolism running and your bowel movements smoother.

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Apples are best eaten by themselves, but if that is not really your thing, you can always opt for the poached version. Make a wonderful salad or a delicious smoothie with some other fruits, nuts and seeds. Have them as part of a savory preparation, and make your desserts less guilty by adding a generous topping of chopped apples.