Artist Illustrates Motherhood With Hillarious Comics

Seeing what you go through represented as comic relief material can be quite endearing and bring some level of personal satisfaction. Knowing that there are other people all around the world who can relate to your joys and woes during a challenging period like pregnancy is such a relief. The wonderful digital comic artist Anastasiya has done a spectacular job in creating very relatable comic strips that speak directly to new mothers. These are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


during labor after labor

You will notice that most mothers you speak to, post-delivery do not really enjoy recollecting the traumas that they went through during the process. It is not like they are shy about it, it is something that’s best left unthought of because the aftermath is simply so blissful and overwhelming. Your new baby just makes the whole world seem like a better place. You are so happy, you can’t help but wonder if you should do this again soon, because if motherhood feels this lovely, the more the merrier.


hair after child

You are not alone if you have heard your mother complain about losing all her hair after she had you. You realize this when you have your own child and are left wondering what happened to all those wonderful strong strands of hair that were bouncing on your scalp just a few months ago? Yes, you don’t have the time to pay much attention to hair care but this seems quite drastic.


exercise with baby

Instagram mummies seem to be doing it all. They balance their babies perfectly on their tummies while performing sit-ups, scrunches, and whatnot. What is most surprising is that the babies don’t seem to be bothered at all and seem to be enjoying themselves completely without causing havoc. However, when you try the same, you cannot get your baby or even toddler to stay in one position for longer than 10 seconds.


reality instagram

Again, you are not alone if you are guilty of glamming up for the gram and dressing up your baby as well. There is nothing quite like a fabulous mummy-baby photo with the right lighting and filters. However, when you look at it later, you simply cannot believe that it is you in the picture who looked so neat and put together!


what my child look like when crying

Not even the strongest and bravest of us have what it takes to tackle a tantrum-throwing toddler and calm them down instantly. No joking, it is quite scary. Even though you might be a very confident and distinguished person in the workspace, when it comes to your toddler, you are quite literally backed against the wall at times.


where is my eyeliner

This seems distinctly unfair but your toddler has unlimited access to your makeup whenever they feel like it. They watch you with great adoration which makes you feel so wonderful that somebody actually pays attention to your makeup routine. However, you only realize why they were watching when you come back a few hours later and have no idea where your lipstick, eyeliner, and everything else just went.


transport after having a child

Yes, car seats are an option but they are so much trouble and not worth the effort. You would rather just walk around with your toddler or baby anyway. You also secretly like the attention and benefits of having a baby in a stroller when you move around crowded places or have to get through a long queue.


hands after rocking

You look down at your baby and wonder if they have some sort of alien motion detection sensor that wakes them up the second that you stop rocking them. Sometimes, you seem to be spending more hours rocking your baby to sleep than actually getting any sleep yourself. You keep telling yourself that you will get used to it.


how i feel when hold child

Okay, but who said babies are lightweight in any sense? The people who carry them for a few seconds before handing them back to you, probably. It is a wonderful thing that your baby is growing big and strong but they can get quite heavy to hold as this happens. Even though they are getting bigger, they are nowhere close to not wanting to be held by you. You put on a brave face and think about all the strength training benefits that you might get out of carrying your baby around.


prepare for a walk

Theoretically, dressing up a toddler seems so much fun because they’re so cute and they have such adorable outfits that look so nice on them. Getting them to where it is a whole other story and a huge reality check. You will need to run behind them and tackle them in several ways to put on different pieces of clothing and pray that they don’t remove them immediately. Good luck getting them to keep it on while you get ready after that.


cooking after children

Remember when you once thought of cooking and other home-care activities as therapeutic and relaxing? You realize that they actually were before your little one came along and made you realize what a chore it actually is. Forget about prepping meals for the week, if you are able to get one meal together while handling your toddler, kudos to you!


one child seems like 6

Yes, you only have one baby that you need to actually worry about in principle but it certainly feels like multiple handfuls. You wonder how someone so small can have so much energy. Then you also realize that this little someone can sleep as much as five people in one go. Sometimes, it is possible that you feel that your baby isn’t a single person but many balls of energy-packed together in a cute exterior. The work that they make you do certainly makes it impossible for you to believe that this is just one little person that you are dealing with.

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful times of a person’s life but beauty isn’t without smiles and tears. The entirety of the experience is indeed rewarding which is what makes all these little hurdles seem easy to deal with. We hope that this post made you smile and you found it relatable.