10 Things To Do Before Getting Your Newborn Home

So this is it. The moment that you have been waiting for from the time you started planning out your pregnancy or saw those two lines that changed your life. Everything that you prepared for and wanted is going to be happening sooner than you realize. Of course, this is a moment of panic for most new mothers. It doesn’t feel like you have been preparing for bringing your newborn home for ages. Every book that you read, every article that you browse through, and every video that you watched seemed to prepare you then but why is your mind drawing a blank now? Why do you feel so unprepared?

It is not going to be of any relief if we told you that everyone feels the same way. Parenthood is not something that you can be prepared for even if you have been trying to meticulously understand the theory for ages. But like everything else in life, there are certain things that you can do, certain hacks that you can implement that make this transition easier. Consider these as revision notes and make sure you do these 10 things before you bring home your newborn child:

#1 Talk to Experienced Mothers

mother giving advice to daughter

An experienced mother will offer you more comfort and insights than any book can give you because they are living through it right now. The problem with information consumed through media is that it isn’t exactly personal. However, if you consult a mother, including your own, you will be reassured and given valuable advice that will make motherhood that much easier to deal with. You will also realize that you are not alone in this experience.

#2 Stock Up on the Essentials

hospital bag checklist

The pandemic seems to be going on and on and there is nothing wrong with being prepared. And we are talking about essentials, you can’t have too many. Diapers, bibs, burp cloths, extra washcloths, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, and everything else on your list of must-haves, double-check that you have enough for weeks. Finish all the shopping for the same at least two weeks before the due date.

#3 Dedicated Changing Space

Baby changing station

We’re not talking about the room in which they sleep. In your living area, find a corner that receives ample sunlight and ventilation. Clear everything out and keep a baby station over here. This is perfect for their oil massages and changes. They will receive plenty of natural sunshine and vitamin D and also a safe space where they bond with you. Your newborn is going to be needing plenty of oil massages, and this will save you plenty of time wondering what to do about the mess that you did not think about. And obviously, a slippery baby needs a safe spot.

#4 Baby Proofing

baby safety corner guard

This is probably the most important thing that you need to do, hence the capitalization. You simply cannot imagine what your baby is capable of, the minute that they start crawling. They can go all around the house and enter areas that will for sure endanger them and those around them. It certainly feels like you have plenty of time before you need to worry about your baby crawling but any experienced mother will tell you to be prepared well ahead. With everything that newborn demands, you are simply not going to have the time or space for babyproofing after the baby arrives.

#5 Prepare for Guests

grandparents spending time with newborn

You have a new baby in hand and you are not exactly opposed to any help that you can get from your mother, friend, or anyone who wishes to stay over. Given that a pandemic is looming, make sure that you are open about your specifications to your guests. Speak to them well ahead about isolating and staying safe because you will be exposing a newborn child with very low immunity to them. Also, try to limit the number of visitors that you have. When people stay over, even if they are there to help you, you are still the host and there are things that you have to keep in mind. Prepare the guest room or their area well ahead of time with enough towels, linens, soap, and whatnot. You will simply have no time to attend to them when the baby is around.

#6 Take Care of Mental Health

mental health pregnancy

Be ready for something that can ruin the entire parenthood experience known as postpartum depressi0n. Even though we sincerely hope that you don’t have it, no one can rule out the possibility of the same. Speak to wellness professionals and prepare for dealing with the stresses and challenges of motherhood so that you can appreciate the beauty of the experience. Do not neglect your state of mind because your emotions directly impact the bond that you are forming with your newborn. Consult a therapist online and tell them about your worries before the newborn arrives so that you are reassured that you have someone to talk to.

#7 Involve the Older Child

baby with sister photoshoot

If this is not your first child, make sure that you pay enough attention to your firstborn and be present when they need you. Yes, dealing with a newborn is very stressful and takes most of your day. But between everything that you have to do for your newborn, make sure that you are not neglecting the older child who craves your attention and suddenly feels left out. Include them and get them to help you with different things so that they can bond with the baby and also be part of this wonderful experience of welcoming their sibling home.

#8 Prepare Your Family and Assign Schedules

Family doing house chores

If you and your partner are entering parenthood for the first time, split duties and responsibilities among you. If you already have children, include them in the roster as well. Make sure that the responsibilities are split according to expertise and that everyone feels included but not overburdened. There is nothing wrong with writing down a timetable and assigning specific duties like who has to attend to the baby at 3 AM on Wednesday. This will help you get some much-needed sleep while teaching your family a lesson on responsibility.

#9 Keep an Inventory of Everything

Refrigerator with fruits, veggies, eggs and dairy

You cannot keep going out when you have a new baby but it is also difficult to depend on someone especially if you run out of things and need something urgently. Of course, you can get almost everything delivered to your doorstep within a few hours but it is best to stay prepared. Keep an inventory of everything including baby essentials and groceries well before the newborn arrives. Keep track of whatever needs to be replenished so that you can plan the shopping trip accordingly without disrupting the time that you need to spend with your baby. This will alleviate stress and leave you feeling so much more in control of the situation and avoid any need for panic.

#10 Your “BAG”

hospital bag packing

Everything that you need before you go to the hospital must be packed weeks before the expected date of delivery. Make sure that you don’t forget anything and constantly recheck. Keep this bag around you in a handy space out of reach of children or pets. Make sure that your partner knows exactly where it is so that they can bring it to you in case you are outside when it happens.

Once you do these 10 things, believe us, you will be well prepared to welcome your newborn into your household and start living your wonderful new life.