pregnancy lies

Cheeky Lies We Tell During Pregnancy

White lies… we have so many categories – from corporate white lies, to white lies told during the family dinner, to the white lies we tell during those blind dates. But, what about pregnancy white lies? Although others may not be so aware of these cheeky pregnancy lies (especially men), we are sure that every pregnant woman will find herself relating to these; at least for the most part!

If you are someone planning pregnancy, who bumped across this article early on, you can use these pregnancy lies in the coming future, either to save yourself from a troublesome situation or just for the sake of your hormones.

So, ladies… how many of these gems have you used during your pregnancy period?


healthy food lie pregnancy

Lying to people who are medically responsible for you doesn’t feel great. But you cannot exactly tell them that you have been eating everything that you should not be and normally wouldn’t. Besides, everything is so tiring. Who has the time to meal prep?


morning sickness lie pregnancy

Morning sickness is an excellent way to get out of anything and everything. No one can call you out for faking. No one can tell you that it is fine. Milking it for way longer than you should is quite a cheeky power move.


so much weight lieYes indeed. Pregnancy is the best time to binge on whatever you want and later just pretend that you’re swollen up. No one, not even your mom can tell you that you are getting fatter and you should watch what you eat!


baby names lie pregnancy

Remember “Seven” from Seinfeld? You have done so much research. Why should you share this information? You haven’t yet finalized which one you want. You cannot let anybody else steal the name.


baby brain excuse pregnancy

Baby brain is such a good excuse to be forgiven every time you mess up. Enjoy this while it lasts. You can conveniently forget to wash the dishes, take the trash out or where that skirt came from.


pelvic floor lie pregnancy

Even walking to the washroom feels tiring. People are so contradictory. Everyone wants you to take a rest but stay active at the same time. You know it is important that you do these exercises. But never has it been so unappealing.


cute outfit lie

The outfit is nowhere near cute. But you cannot turn down a present. Maybe you will find some other use for it. Make sure that you click a few pictures of your baby with it just to make the gifter happy!


gender lie pregnancy

Oh come on. Everybody dreams about the gender of the baby that they wish to have. We all know it is wrong to do so. But every doll house or cowboy hat that you see triggers such longing.


OK you do feel a bit guilty about this one. But you cannot help it. Toddlers are incredibly energetic. This is not the kind of energy that you can deal with during pregnancy when you just want to breathe.


back to work lie pregnancy

The thought of working again after a six month break is just.. argh! Complicated pregnancy, child needing extra attention, etc. are great ways to extend the leave longer. However, if your company lets you work from home, this is going to be tougher.