eating cherries during pregnancy

Can I Eat Cherries During Pregnancy?

Cherries are red colored juicy fruit that is simply irresistible for many of us. Loaded with nutrition, they are ideal for pregnant women. Eating a handful of cherries regularly brings a wide range of essential health benefits that ensures healthy pregnancy. However, before you incorporate any food in your pregnancy diet, it is important to learn about its safety. In this article, we will look into the health benefits and risks associated with its consumption in pregnancy. 

How Safe Is It To Eat Cherries In Pregnancy?

Cherries are healthy and safe for expecting mothers. The high nutritional profile of the fruit provides necessary nutrition to the body. Only care should be taken is not to eat the seeds as it be dangerous to both the mother as well as the baby. 

Dried cherries contain sulfites that are added to preserve them for a longer time. If you are not allergic to it, then you can eat it. Make sure you check the label before you consume them.  As cherries are sweet, you should eat them in moderation. 

Nutritional Values in Cherries:

Cherries have plenty of Vitamin C in it and several essential nutrients that makes it healthy inclusion in your pregnancy diet.  One cup of cherries contains:

  • Calories – 95 calories
  • Protein – 1.8 grams
  • Carbohydrates – 23 grams
  • Fiber – 2.5 grams
  • Vitamin C – 17% of Daily value
  • Manganese – 4.8% of Daily value
  • Potassium – 9% of Daily value
  • Copper – 4.5% of Daily value

Nutritional Advantages Of Cherries In Pregnancy

Cherries are known to have high amounts of essential minerals, fiber, vitamins, healthy carbs, and proteins. Below we have mentioned some important health benefits of consuming cherries in pregnancy-

  • Controls blood pressure: Due to presence of potassium in this fruit, it is seen to control blood pressure in the body.
  • Ideal to beat cold: Cherries are wonderful expectorant to provide relief from cough related issues
  • Reduce muscle pain: Cherries possess anti-inflammatory properties that offer immense relief to women who suffers from muscular pain, and issues. This makes it a wonderful fruit in pregnancy
  • Provide good sleep: Cherries contain a valuable hormone named melatonin that is great to induce sleep in a person.
  • Treats constipation: Constipation is one of the discomforting signs that a pregnant woman faces in her pregnancy. Cherries are rich in fibre that makes it an effective laxative to avert constipation. It helps in normalizing bowel movements in the body and help you get relief from constipation.
  • Improves immunity: Another important benefit of cherries is that they give a boost to your immunity system. This is due to the high content of powerful antioxidants as “Vitamin C” and “Vitamin A”. Cherries are loaded with Vitamin C that offers an incredible boost to immunity level by keeping diseases at bay
  • Low calorie food: Cherries are healthy to consume as they have low calories in them. Eating them can also prevent the possibility of gestational diabetes in pregnant women.
  • Energizes you: During pregnancy, a lot of woman feel tired. Cherries are an energy booster that boosts your energy levels and relieves you from fatigue.
  • Reduces inflammation: Anthocyanin, is a potent anti-oxidant in cherries that reduces inflammation, swelling, and joint pain that is associated in pregnancy.
  • Promotes healthy brain function in fetus: Presence of anthocyanin in cherries protect natural brain cells and stimulates the brain health of the baby in the womb.
  • Prevents Anemia: Cherries addresses iron deficiencies, and blood related issues in the body. It has good amounts of iron that prevents you from becoming anemic.

Precautions When Eating Cherries In Pregnancy

  • Discard the pits, leaves, and bark of the fruit as they contain poisonous chemical called “hydrocyanic acid”. Eat only pitted cherries. 
  • Always wash cherries thoroughly in running water before you consume it. This will keep you free from any bacterial infection. 
  • Do not eat cherries if you are allergic to it. 
  • Also, ensure that you eat them in moderation.  Do not consume it in more amounts as it can create gas and bloating.
  • Make sure you consult your doctor before you add this fruit to your daily diet.


Cherries are a fabulous addition to the diet of every expecting mother. This Vitamin C rich food is observed to strengthen the immunity of people. It is completely safe to eat cherries in pregnancy provided that you remove the seeds and do not swallow them. However, moderation should be observed at the time of consuming this fruit. For a safer side, it is required that you also ask your doctor about the safety of eating cherries before including them in pregnancy diet.