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Can Being Hit In The Stomach Cause Miscarriage?

There can be several incidences where you might risk your pregnancy such as falling down from stairs, getting hit in the abdomen/stomach, etc. But the question is that can it lead to a miscarriage? To arrive at the right answer, you need to assess its impact at different stages of pregnancy.

Getting hit in the stomach in early pregnancy

If you hit in the stomach in the first trimester of your pregnancy, its impact will less likely to be less critical. There are close to negligible chances of miscarriage due to this accident at this phase of pregnancy. This is because at this time, the uterus will be completely safeguarded by the pelvis.

Your womb has muscular, and strong walls with the amniotic fluid, that does a good job in cushioning the fetus. The pelvis bones will work as a protective layer to prevent your uterus from getting impacted by it.
There can be chances that your belly gets injured, and can even lead to some amount of bleeding. Only a heavy blow in this phase can result in miscarriage.

Getting hit in the stomach in 2nd or 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Normally, at the early stages of pregnancy, a hit in the stomach is less likely to lead to a miscarriage, but if it happens in second, or third trimester, then it can cause an abruption in the placenta. It can eventually result in late pregnancy.

The exact consequence of the hit on your body and fetus depends on its intensity. It is advised that you contact your doctor right away before the situation get serious.

When a pregnant woman reaches 2nd or 3rd trimester, then the uterus starts to rise above the pelvis. This state of the placement of the uterus can increase the possibilities of the damage. Severe hit or physical trauma can lead to abruption of placenta. Though the presence of the amniotic fluid will keep the baby protected, but it can damage the placenta.

You need to pay attention on your safety as getting hit at this time can lead to serious repercussions in later weeks of pregnancy. Successive hits in the placenta can even lead to its detachment from the womb. It is also called as placental abruption that can cause a major damage to the womb.

A serious blow to the stomach / abdomen in the later stages of pregnancy, can result in leaking of amniotic fluid into the blood. Though this situation is rare and can prove fatal for both of you, but can happen when the blow is hard. That is the reason, it is very important to be very careful and aware while walking, sitting, and standing to ensure your belly remains safe, and protected throughout pregnancy.

What tests can help in checking the status of the baby?

Unfortunately, if you have got hurt in the stomach, and want to make sure that you and your baby are completely safe, then you should discuss about it with the doctor. He may suggest you to perform a few tests to check the well-being of the baby.

Non-Stress Test: Your doctor may suggest you to perform Non-Stress test based on the present stage of your pregnancy. In this test, the mother is supervised using a fetal monitor. Any movement of the baby in the womb is noted. The findings of the test help to see whether your baby responds properly to external conditions or not.

Doctors can also detect a pattern of contractions that can indicate any placental issue like its damage or abruption. This test is performed for four hours from the time you go through a significant trauma. It is commonly performed in almost all hospitals.

Ultrasound: This is another very useful test that helps in learning about the current state and development of the baby in the womb. An ultrasound test helps in the determination of the damage that has happened to the baby or the uterus.

It helps in envisaging and monitoring both these areas. An ultrasound can be performed at any time during pregnancy. If any damage has happened to your body, then this test can be repeated to learn about the pace at which the healing is happening inside the body.

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Getting hit at the beginning of pregnancy is not likely to cause you miscarriage. However, as your pregnancy progresses, and the baby grows, it can put your pregnancy at risk. If any such thing happens to you, it is better to seek immediate assistance of your healthcare provider.

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