can i eat jelly in pregnancy

Can I eat jelly during pregnancy?

Pregnancy brings with it all sorts of food cravings, and most women will develop a serious sweet tooth. However, it is never a good idea to overindulge in a lot of sweet stuff at any time of your life, and least of all during your pregnancy. In such a time, different kinds of jellies, especially the fruit jellies, will look especially appealing; they taste great by themselves and as condiments to different kinds of snacks, and can be easily prepared at home. But precisely because you are pregnant, you are probably having multiple thoughts regarding the feasibility of giving jelly for fear of harming your baby. In this article, we will discuss whether you can eat jellies during those nine months.

Treats multiple issues

The good news is, you can most certainly have some jelly during your pregnancy. Good fruit jelly is made with royal jelly, which is a product made by bees from floral nectar. This is an extremely useful ingredient that is steeped in medicinal properties; in fact, it is used in a number of medicines for coughs and colds, different kinds of allergies, and inflammations. This means that when you have good quality fruit jelly, you are imbibing all the beneficial properties of royal jelly. However, you should also remember that going overboard with jelly to satisfy your sweet tooth is not a good idea; as mentioned before, jelly contains quite a bit of sugar, and that is harmful in large quantities.

Aids digestion

Jelly is very beneficial in improving digestion, and this is a boon for pregnant women, who inevitably suffer from an upset digestive system. Fruit jelly, especially, is good for health because it contains a lot of fiber. Fiber helps in making the process of digestion easier for the stomach, and makes bowel movements softer, effectively helping with constipation and diarrhea, which are common ailments that the pregnant woman suffers from.

Control the sugar

If you can make jelly at home from fruits and vegetables, it will give you ample control over the amount of sugar you will put in. Sugar, of course, is something that is to be avoided at the best of times, and even more during your pregnancy. If you can make sure that you have put in the very minimum amount of sugar while preparing the jelly, you will be left with a pretty nutritious snack that you can indulge in from time to time. If making jelly at home is not possible, opt for the sugar free variants at the store.

Filling and easy

The pregnant woman is always beset by hunger pangs and food cravings, and nothing satisfies these feelings more than a sinful cup of sweet something. However, as every pregnant woman will know, sugary treats are a strict no-no for these nine months. Jelly- good quality jelly that is- is a very good alternative for ice creams and other confectioner’s delights. The low sugar variety will keep your sweet tooth satisfied, and hunger pangs at bay; and what better to whip up at a moment’s notice than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Fruit jelly, of course, is one of the commonest forms of jelly you will find. But there are some other varieties too- most notably honey jelly and the more adventurous pepper jelly. If you are in the mood, you can also go ahead and try out some delicious bacon jelly to give your cravings some variety.

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