5 Signs Of A Healthy Baby In The Womb

You are concerned about the welfare of your baby in your womb, and with good reason. Fetuses are extremely fragile and new mommies can be a bit paranoid. However, you might not have to visit the doctor every so often to check up on your baby’s welfare before they are born. There are simple signs that you can look out for that indicate the state of their health and well-being in the womb.

#1 You have a general sense of wellness

pregnant woman happy

There is some level of discomfort throughout the pregnancy but if it is not extreme, this is a great indicator of the health of your baby. You do not suffer from any extreme kind of pain in the body. If you are having a backache, make sure that it is tolerable and not anything that you are not used to. Generally, you do not experience any kind of cramps (Mild to Moderate levels are normal during early pregnancy) or bleeding.

#2 You gain an appropriate amount of weight

Around the beginning of the second trimester, you should start gaining weight. Noticeable weight, not just a few extra pounds that you put on otherwise. If you begin to notice the baby bump and keep track of its changes along with your body weight, and everything seems to grow as expected, things are fine. Your body should naturally get bigger during pregnancy as the baby grows.

#3 Adequate Movement

feeling baby movements

Around the fifth month of pregnancy, you should start noticing signs of fetal movement also known as quickening. Your baby starts responding to all kinds of stimuli such as sound and light as the pregnancy progresses. Later on in the pregnancy, you notice that your baby is kicking you way more often and moving around a lot. There is no such thing as too much fetal movement but if you feel that your baby is agitated, it is good to consult a doctor. As long as the baby is active and it keeps moving, you can be sure that everything is going on as planned. Decreases in the fetal movement must be taken seriously.

#4 Good Heartbeat

first scan pregnancy

Babies have a much higher heart rate than adults do. Anywhere between 110 and 160 is completely normal for fetal heart rate. Doctors can check for the heart rate using different equipment. Around the fifth week of pregnancy, you should be able to appreciate heartbeats when you go for scans. A healthy and strong heart heartbeat is a great indication that your baby is healthy and your pregnancy is progressing smoothly.

#5 Your baby assumes the “cephalic” position

baby in womb head down position

When your baby is ready to be born and you are at the end of your pregnancy, the baby should be aligned in a head-first position. This is a strong indicator of a healthy baby in the womb. This position is ideal for delivery and it means that the baby will come out in the easiest way possible, most likely a vaginal delivery that does not require any kind of additional intervention through surgery. Also, the baby should ideally start moving towards the birth canal and position itself for delivery around the ninth month.

The most important thing for you to do is to trust your instincts and know that moms rarely get it wrong. Of course, you need to pay attention to what is happening in your body but you don’t have to stress yourself to a point where every little deviation causes you to panic.