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Natural Ways To Induce Labor

Most pregnancies last for about forty weeks from the first day of the last menstruation. If more than one baby is going to deliver, then the duration may vary. It is advised to maintain your pregnancy for specified time to ensure sound growth, weight gain and proper development of brain, lungs and liver of the fetus. All of these procedures are necessary for the newborn’s health. Infants who are prematurely delivered (before 40 weeks of postulated time) are prone to experiencing complications, like breathing troubles, vision impairments and loss of hearing abilities.

However, when a baby gets delivered after 40 weeks, then it leads to other types of problems. Due to which, many doctors recommend to induce labor. Here, in this article we will take a rundown of the natural ways to induce labor.

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Under what circumstances does doctor recommends inducing labor?

A doctor can suggest you inducing labor when the delivery is late. This is because both the baby and the mother can be at a risk. So, to avoid these risks, he can advise you to perform techniques in “later term” and “post term” pregnancies.

  • Later-term: When the delivery is supposed to happen within 6 days after completion of full term of 41 weeks.
  • Post-term: When the delivery is supposed to happen at any point of time after 42nd week.

What are the reasons for post-term deliveries?

Some of the reasons behind a post term delivery are:

  • Hormonal factors
  • Obesity
  • Genetic factors
  • First time pregnancy
  • To prevent the possibilities and dangers associated with a post-term delivery
  • High chances of complications suspected in delivery

What is the right time for a doctor to recommend inducing labor?

Below are some of the signs that a doctor would consider to find the right time for inducing labor.

  • If a woman experiences contraction
  • If the pregnancy has lasted for forty-two weeks
  • If the doctor has concerns regarding the health of the baby or mother
  • If the “post-term date” is nearing
  • If there is any uterus infection
  • If there is seen delayed development of fetus
  • If the amniotic fluid levels are low than permissible limits

Natural ways to induce labor

Below are some of the natural ways suggested for inducing labor:

Exercise: Exercise increases the heart rate in the body. It can work to induce labor in a pregnant woman. Exercise is also helpful in relieving stress from a woman and keeping her body strong for the upcoming tasks in the future.

Sex: Sex can also lead to induce labor in a pregnant woman. It releases oxytocin that may start uterine contractions. Sex also releases prostaglandins, a hormone that stimulates the cervix and induces labor. It is advised not to indulge in it if the water hasn’t broken as it can cause infection. Checking with the doctor in this regard will be beneficial.

Nipple stimulation: Stimulation of nipples causes uterus to contract. This can also bring about labor. Also, the process releases oxytocin hormone that aids in the contraction of the uterus and ejection of milk from the breast. You can stimulate your nipples using a breast pump also.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is another natural way that you can try at home to induce labor. This is an act that when performed correctly helps to boost the release of oxytocin hormone in the body. Though there is no surety of the desired results, but it is a harmless way to give it a shot.

Acupressure: A few medical practitioners also believed that an acupressure can begin and restart your labor. To get safe and desired results, it is advised to get it performed only by a trained acupressure professional. Whether or not it induces labor, this method will definitely alleviate any kind of pain and discomfort experienced at the time of labor.

Spicy foods: People also believe that by eating spicy foods, you can bring labor soon. However, there is no scientific backing in this connection. If you feel any discomfort from eating spicy foods, then switch back to your normal diet.

Red raspberry leaf tea: It is recommended to drink tea made from red raspberry leaves. This will bring your due date closer. Drinking this tea can tone as well as strengthen the uterus region to prepare it for labor.

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Though there is no scientific backing regarding these procedures, but there is no disadvantage to try them out. In a majority of cases, it is advised to let the mother nature decides the right time of delivery. This implies waiting for one to two weeks after the full term (40 weeks) of pregnancy. Before you try any of these methods it is important to consult with your doctor about any associated complications or risks.