mom baby eating same

Six Habits Babies Inherit From Their Mothers

Parents, friends and even relatives for that matter are obsessed with identifying who the baby looks more like. You are certain that the baby has your mother’s eyes. Meanwhile, your partner can bet on the baby having their nana’s nose. As the baby tends to grow up, you realize that the baby has so much in common with you. It is not just about how they look. 

Babies inherit plenty of wonderful and quirky characteristics from their mommies. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself going ‘that’s my child’ when they behave just like you on occasions. Here are some of them:

The way you talk

When your child is a baby or a toddler, their brain is on high alert. They pick up cues from around them and learn how to behave in different situations. When they are very young, you are the person they are mostly around. Because they are quick to learn, they begin to observe and mimic the way you talk. This is how they pick up an accent. Not only this, but they will also begin to mimic the tone of your voice. They will enunciate the words that you emphasize. If you observe closely, you will also see that they begin to mimic your body language when speaking. This becomes very apparent as they get older and have conversations with you. 

Your Food Choices and Dietary Style

mom baby eating same

When you are a toddler, you want to do everything that adults do. Since young children are not fed exactly like how adults are, they tend to crave what you eat more. They want to sample everything that you do. This is a great opportunity to set good examples. Follow a strict balanced diet (at least whenever you’re around them. Save the cheat meals for date nights). Since toddlers cannot wait to grow up, they will consider eating greens and healthy food and adult privilege. This will inevitably attract them to follow healthy eating choices. Drink plenty of water and make sure that they take note of the same. 


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Alright. We know that you prefer your child to end up being a smart cookie all thanks to your brain. If you are intelligent, there are high chances that your baby will too. Of course, it is not entirely down to you. Intelligence is a trait inherited from the mother as well as the father. Don’t think too much about this though. If your toddler is exceptionally gifted, enjoy it. It does not matter who they inherited the intelligence from. Use this as an opportunity to teach them things that will be useful to them in later life that schools do not emphasize.

Your Mood and Vibes

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The equation here is straightforward. A happy mommy equals a mostly happy baby. If you are generally excitable around them, you notice that babies and toddlers are also invigorated and happy. You can test out different emotions as long as you can harness them genuinely. You will notice that when you are feeling down, your baby is not as happy as they are usually. Try to stay positive around your toddler or baby. Let your partner handle the baby when you are feeling down. Keep things generally positive so that you don’t have to deal with your baby’s bad mood as well.

Sleeping Patterns

mom baby sleeping pattern

This is a bit of a tricky situation. If you suffer from insomnia or have poor sleeping patterns, your overly alert baby picks up on this. Studies have shown that mothers who sleep less in the night have babies who do just the same. Now the bad part is that these sleep patterns might be carried into adulthood by your baby. If you are not someone who gets good quality sleep every night, your baby is going to be just the same. Surprisingly, only the mother’s sleep pattern matters. The quality and quantity of the sleep of the father do not play any role in determining your baby‘s sleep patterns.

How Quickly They Age

Take good care of your skin starting now. Your baby is going to grow up and blame you for having wrinkles by the time they are 30. And they will not be wrong in doing so. This information is stored in the mitochondrial genome which is inherited from the mother. Your skin cells can undergo mutation if they are exposed to UV rays from the sun. This damages the quality of your skin and you tend to appear older much quicker. If you want your baby to look young forever, start using sunscreen right away.

Babies are quirky little things, aren’t they? They never tend to surprise you. Use all the common factors that you have with your child to bond with them wisely.