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Is It Safe To Eat Sweet Corn During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time when you have to eat for the two, for yourself, and the unborn baby. You need a healthy balanced diet, that supplies the necessary nutrition to ensure sound development of both of you. Crunchy and sweet corn are a perfect addition during pregnancy. They are a good way to satisfy the sweet cravings that is generally seen in pregnancy. However, before including the food in your pregnancy diet, it requires to learn about its safety of its consumption in pregnancy.

How safe is to eat sweet corns in pregnancy?

Corn, also called as maize is an important cereal grain. It contains a good amount of minerals, and vitamins and offers numerous health advantages to a person. Sweet corns are completely safe to eat in boiled, steamed, or grilled form to satiate your hunger pangs.

What type of health advantages does sweet corn provide you?

Eating sweet corns is beneficial in pregnancy in several ways.

  • It is packed with folic acid that is a very essential compound that doctors prescribe at this time. Eating it, helps in eliminating any possibilities of birth defects in the unborn. 100 grams of corn provides 60grams of folate.
  • Another important benefit of eating sweet corns is that they are a good source of dietary fiber. Due to hormonal changes, a lot of women experience constipation. When you eat corns, it improves your digestion and relieves you from constipation.
  • The need for thiamine increases during the period of conception. Corns have a good amount of thiamin that is perfect for growth, and development of brain, and improves memory function in the fetus.
  • Eating corn keeps your baby’s eyes in the best state. This is because corns are a super food that contains a lot of antioxidants in it. Beta carotene in sweet corns provide good amounts of Vitamin A that assists in the sound development of your eyes.
  • Corn also has antioxidants, and phenolic compounds that keep cancer at bay.
  • Sweet corns are loaded with vitamin B5, and vitamins B1 that keeps your hair, and skin in good state. Beta carotene in sweet corns helps in promoting healthy mucus membrane, and skin in the growing fetus.
  • Being a good source of beta-carotene, regular consumption of sweet corns boosts immunity in your body.
  • Sweet corns have ferulic acid that gives you an ability to fight away tumors and reduce the chances of breast cancer.
  • Sweet corns are a good source of Vitamin B 12 that helps to avert anemia in pregnancy. It is an excellent means to assist in the development of new blood cells.
  • Sweet corns are rich in protein, that helps in sound development of your body’s muscles.
  • It is rich in phytochemicals that is helpful during pregnancy.
  • With abundance of pantothenic acid, sweet corns promote healthy development, and functioning of the different organs in the baby during conception.
  • Sweet corns have plenty of zeaxanthin that offers a good amount of protection against muscular degeneration
  • Sweet corns have good amounts of potassium that offers 360 mg of potassium in it
  • Sweet corns reduce the levels of bad cholesterol or plasma LDL in the body.

Right way to include corns in your diet:

You can add delicious corns in various ways such as:

  • Adding them to your salads, sandwich, toast, and soup to improve its taste
  • Add to pizzas, rice, and pastas.
  • Eat it in grilled or barbecuing form.
  • You can even boil them and add seasoning of your preference and enjoy it.

Health risks linked to consumption of sweet corns in pregnancy

  • Eat it in moderate amounts as anything eaten in large amounts won’t be good for your body. As corns are rich in fatty acids, if you overconsume them, then it can result in an increase in possibilities of heart disease. Over consumption may even lead to indigestion. Ask your doctor about how much amount you need to eat to prevent its adverse effects.
  • Prefer only should only eat fresh corn and should avoid frozen varieties.

Precautions to be taken when consuming sweet corns

  • Don’t eat corns that are served on the roadside. They can be contaminated, and unhygienic for your use.
  • Always consume fresh corns. It is advised to not store it for more than a few days as it may lose its freshness.
  • Always ask the advice of doctor before you include it in your daily diet.

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Corns are completely healthy, and safe for the inclusion in your diet. They offer several health benefits that ensures proper growth of your baby during this time. However, you should check with your doctor more about its safety, and quantity with your doctor before you consume it.

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