bad day pregnant women

These Pregnant Women Are Not Having A Great Day

Pregnancy is not really amusing but there are some incidents that make you chuckle and frown all at once when you realize just how much your life has changed in such less time.

#1 Shaving legs? Hold on…

pregnant can't shave

Pic: @mummy.momentsxox

Forget about shaving your legs properly, this mom could not even get a clear look at where her legs are. The baby bump is all there is- to see and cherish.

#2 Skinny Clothes? No!

pregnant woman belly shirt button popped

Pic: @mrs.burnie.b

That shirt might have been loose and flowy once upon a time but not right now and you do not want popped buttons when you’re pregnant and on the street.

#3 Baby Brain Strikes Again

pregnancy brain wearing different shoes

Pic: pikabu06

How long do you think it took her to realize that she had mismatched her shoes?

#4 Eat those vitamins right away

pregnancy gummies melted in heat

Pic: keepingupwiththecroxtons

This mom left her prenatal vitamins in the car on that hot, fateful day…

#5 For one card, no way!

pregnant woman can't pick card from floor

Pic: @centralperk.95

This mom has her priorities straight and is not going to bend over just for one card.

#6 Of Cars and Baby Bumps

car parking problem pregnancy

Pic: @candice.makaya

Baby bumps and bumping cars parked too close by simply do not get along, to be honest.

#7 But, Bread…

nausea problem pregnancy

Pic: @crystaliodawn

Imagine hating the smell of freshly baked bread.. that’s pregnancy for you.

#8 Ring me down.

ring finger swollen pregnancy

Pic: @doitforthe

Rings and pregnant women aren’t great friends.. might not be a great idea to put a ring on it just because you are pregnant.

#9 That’s my pillow!

pregnancy pillow taken by husband

Pic: Jessica

Everyone wants a turn in the fluffy pillow, even your furbaby.