baby in womb

Things Babies Enjoy Most When They’re In The Womb

Look at you, being the typical parents, who is finding ways to make their child happy, even inside the womb! Well, we don't blame you as the little one inside you deserves all the joy in the world. We are sure that you must have already thought about many approaches to make the baby happy after his/her birth. But what about the time when the baby is inside your body, all alone by himself!

Let us help you to understand about the things that your little munchkin would love and cherish while being in your womb. Not only will these methods make your unborn child happy, but they will create a bond between you and your baby even before he arrives into the outer world.

You laugh, your baby laughs

pregnant laughing

Let your giggling blossom into a belly laugh and give your baby enough space in your womb to bounce with joy. An unborn can recognize his/her mother’s mood and laughter. Ultrasounds have shown that they bounce up and down when you laugh your heart out. The harder you laugh, the more the baby will bounce which is the result of the trampoline motion. Also, many studies have revealed that babies grow healthy when their mother is cheerful. So do not let the fear of peeing yourself be the hindrance in your child’s happiness.

The baby relishes the belly massages

Belly rubs and massages have the power to soothe your unborn. After spending nearly one and half weeks in your womb, he develops the touch receptors. Moreover, after the period of twenty weeks, he will be able to sense any tender belly rubs given from the outside too. Allot this duty to the soon-to-be-dad by handing him over the oils and creams. Give your baby the chance to bond with his dad too.

Play music to your baby

loud music during pregnancy

Babies in the womb are conformist in nature. That means, whatever their mother enjoys or finds relaxing, they tend to feel the same about it. As far as music is concerned, it is appreciated by your baby-to-be if you too love to listen to it. Also, if the baby gets to hear her mother singing while listening to music, it will be an icing on the cake for the baby. However, a baby in the womb needs a little time to develop familiarity with the type of sounds you hear. You can try different music styles and let your baby listen to various genres, do not stick to just one.

Some experts also assert that the baby is more likely to enjoy the same kind of music after the birth that he/she listens to before birth. Do not forget to follow a word of caution, play only mild and low volume as you do not want to scare your baby in the womb!

Sweet food = Happy baby

pregnant eating donuts

You should know that whatever you eat, your amniotic fluid starts tasting like that only. In an experiment conducted by one of the health experts in the USA, participants were asked to sniff some amniotic fluid samples. Interestingly, they successfully identified the smell of the ginger as a gingers capsule was consumed by the mother before one hour. They did not stop there and carried out the test by making the participants detect mint, garlic and vanilla from the fluid. They could distinguish each taste!

So dear ladies, do not refrain from gobbling up the sweets and chocolates and let that be a reason for your baby’s happiness.

A happy baby lives in the healthy womb

Do not let your baby get bored inside your womb and shake him up with some mild exercise like yoga, simple stretches and basic exercises. Your moving body is a relief for your baby and the baby develops a healthy heart if the mom indulges herself into some activities. When your body releases endorphins while exercising, it eases your stress as well as makes the little one inside you feel better. Do not forget to take the suggestion of your doctor before commencing on any exercising routine.

Take rest

pregnancy pillow

Your baby wants to move inside the womb and cannot do it while you sit or are busy with household chores. So try to give yourself enough time to relax and keep your feet up whenever you sit or lie down. It will not only help in reducing swollen ankles but it will be great for the baby as it will get enough room in your tummy to do his moves. I bet you will feel the kicks of your little champ.