one month old baby care

Tips To Take Care Of Your One Month Baby

Can you believe it’s been one whole month since your new baby has arrived and changed your life forever? You have learned so much about this little person and bonded with them beyond your wildest imagination. There are so many things you need to consider when you take care of your one-month-old, and these concerns are going to keep evolving at every stage of your baby’s development and growth. All they seem to be doing is eating, sleeping, and pooping yet your workload hasn’t even begun to reduce! 

Here are some effective childcare tips to look after your one-month-old child that might make this journey a bit easier:

Dealing with visitors: Even without the pandemic looming, it is not exactly wise to entertain numerous eager visitors who want to glimpse at your cuddly new infant. However, your baby’s immune system is far from developed to its full capacity. Stop worrying about offending people and say “no” to too many visitors and take this time to recoup (extended vacation) from the nightmare that was labor. Make sure anyone who touches or holds your baby washes their hands thoroughly. Keep a distance when you take a stroll with them in the park and ask strangers to keep their masks on (even at home) if that makes you feel safer. Mom knows best.

Baby-proofing: This isn’t an immediate necessity, or so you think because all your baby seems to be doing is lying around and not even rolling over much. Babyproofing early, when you still have time is the best thing to do. Cover up all electrical sockets and cords and make sure you keep your doors locked at all times. Keep your baby’s things (or things they will be attracted to and you don’t mind really) where they can reach it so they don’t have the urge to climb anywhere. 

Avoiding Diaper Rash: Diaper rash is a pain for your baby and you because of how irritable your baby can become as a result of the discomfort that this causes. To avoid diaper rash, change their diapers every couple of hours and make sure that you clean your baby thoroughly every time you change them. Wipe them with good cleansing wipes and use diaper rash cream generously. Make sure your baby is attended to at all times at the diaper station. 

Bathing Your Baby: Having a strong grip on something has never been more important, or tricky. Babies are surprisingly slippery, for no good reason. Don’t ever leave your baby unattended in the bath even for two minutes- wrap them up and take them with you if you need to bring something or go anywhere at all. Use safe products with natural ingredients to cleanse them. Make sure you use baby lotion generously once you’re done drying them. 

BedtimeOne-month-old babies sleep as much as 16 hours a day and get very cranky if they don’t get about this much sleep. The problem is that this sleep isn’t continuous and it’s (inconveniently) divided into parts of the day when you’re bored or free and want to spend time with them. They can sleep up to five hours with no interruptions. Your baby needs to sleep on its back and on a firm surface. No pillows or blankets and no toys should be present in their sleep area or crib. Do not share your bed with your baby when they are younger than six months old. 

When should you be concerned?

Here are some situations that can be considered as emergencies requiring immediate medical attention:

  • Any discoloration (bluish could mean they are cyanotic and not getting enough oxygen whereas yellowish indicates jaundice). 
  • They don’t respond to sounds, your voice, or even loud noises.
  • They are not active and are suddenly extremely lethargic. 
  • They are having trouble drinking milk or suc kling.
  • They seem to be not able to move their legs or arms on their own.