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14 Unforgettable Pregnancy Moments

Pregnancy is a phase full of excitement as well as lovable moments. Those nine months consist of some amazing first-time experiences that make you feel over the moon. From missing your period and having your first pregnancy test to choosing the ideal name for your baby, the joy that unfolds between these two moments is inexplicable. You cherish the love and affection bestowed upon you by your husband. You feel grateful for the honor of being a mother.

Not only this, but pregnancy also consists of various experiences which, at first, conspire to freak the parents-to-be out. But in the end, those all events coverts into beautiful memories, and suddenly after the birth of your baby, you start recalling those weird but adorable experiences.

Here are some of those incredible moments that would make you want to get pregnant again! But hold on, do not get carried away!

Positive test

joy of being a mother

True happiness unfolds when you pee on that stick after missing your period. Such a piece of great news that makes you a little nervous at first, and then turns your nervousness into extreme joy.

Revealing to husband

going to be daddy

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Telling your husband about your pregnancy is the moment that no woman can ever forget. The husband’s reaction to the wife’s pregnancy is always adorable. Some wives use unique ways to make this moment more special.

Revealing to family

pregnancy reveal family

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The family that was expecting you to give them the “good news” from the very day you got married, finally gets what it wants! Your happiness threefolds after sharing the news with them.

First ultrasound

First pregnancy ultrasound

Seeing your baby on the screen and yearning to hold it in your arms! The moment is more special for the first-timers.

First baby kick

first baby kick

When the baby kicks, the mother wants to scream and tell the whole world about this divine experience. And when she lets her father feels it, nothing can stop them from being emotional. And why not, it is the day when your baby makes you realize her existence.

Husband’s care

husband caring pregnant wife


Well, now you can ask your husband anything and he would be happy to do that for you. Or should I say that this is the time during which you should grab and enjoy all his attention, your baby is arriving to divide the attention ladies!

Noticing your belly getting bigger

3 pregnancy stages

The belly expands and you realize that none of your favorite dresses would fit you now! At the same time, you are happy about the fact that the moment when you would meet your baby is getting closer.

Satisfying your pregnancy cravings

pregnancy cravings

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Along with your belly, your love for certain food grows by leaps and bounds. Gobbling up pizza and chocolate at the same time and crying for more is what you recall and laugh about after pregnancy.

Using baby bump to hold food

using bump to hold food

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Doing the optimum utilization of the extended belly is what a woman should be proud of. Who needs a table to keep the eatables when your baby bump can do the job well.

Watching your husband turn into a father

husband with pregnant wife

The happiness you feel when your husband kisses good night to the baby in your belly, touches it to feel the baby’s kicks, and just stares at it with love while waiting for the arrival of the baby impatiently.

Baby shopping

baby clothes

Shopping for your little one even before he is born is wonderful. Along with the things you buy for the baby, mothers use the chance to shop for themselves too!

Baby shower

baby shower party

Revealing the news to the world through social media and being the center of attraction is another kind of feeling. A mother feels not less than a celebrity on the day she is celebrated at the baby shower.

Gender reveal


This is the day when you finally can think of the color of the paint in the baby’s room and can choose the kind of toys you want to buy for your baby.

Pregnancy photoshoot

pregnancy photoshoot

The day when a woman does not suck her tummy inside to look fit as she already looks cute with her baby bump! And the only day when your child behaves in a conformist way while getting clicked!

Feeling nostalgic?

There are many other moments in pregnancy that make a mother feel overwhelmed. Some of those heart-melting moments have the power to make your stomach flip and to fill your eyes with tears of joy. And when you successfully pass through those experiences graciously, it feels nothing less than a milestone. Obviously, it does, after all, rearing a life inside your body is the greatest human power. A woman cannot forget these experiences in her whole life.