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Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy – Color And Meaning

Vaginal discharge is quite common in pregnancy. Sometimes, the color of the fluid discharge varies in the texture, volume, and color. Not all variations in its color are considered to be normal. A few colors of vaginal discharge can indicate an infection or any other serious problem. To save yourself from any critical situation during pregnancy, it is very important to learn about the different colors of vaginal discharge and their implication.

What leads to vaginal discharge during pregnancy?

There are several reasons that can cause you vaginal discharge. These are:

Implantation bleeding: Implantation bleeding is a light form of bleeding. You may see signs of it from week 4th onwards. This bleeding happens when the inseminated embryo burrows in the vascular uterus lining.

Cervical irritation: Your cervix contains several blood vessels. If this region gets any wear and tear at the time of pregnancy, then it can lead to brown or pink colored vaginal discharge. Cervical irritation can happen anytime during the complete course of pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy: Chances of getting a vaginal discharge due to ectopic pregnancy is slim. This type of issue happens when pregnancy doesn’t happen in the uterus. In most of such cases, it happens in “Fallopian tube”. This type of bleeding is brownish in color that indicates older blood and not the fresh blood that is bright red in color. This is an emergency condition and should be dealt at the earliest.

Is it Miscarriage?

Any sort of bleeding that happens in pregnancy can be a hint of miscarriage. Just with vaginal bleeding, you can’t suspect miscarriage. There are a few other signs that you need to watch out for to get a clarity.

  • cramping
  • increased bleeding in bright red color
  • watery discharge
  • lower back pain, or
  • abdominal pain

If you notice a majority of signs along with bleeding, then you should immediately reach out to doctor.

Does color of vaginal discharge reveal something?

Different colors of vaginal discharge have different meanings. Discharge can be in these forms:

  • clear, and milky white
  • lumps of white color
  • yellow or green
  • brown
  • gray
  • pink, and
  • red

Clear, and milky white: This type of discharge is considered to be healthy discharge. It is called as leukorrhea. It has a clear, and thin consistency in white color. It has a mild odor. The volume of this discharge is seen to increase as the pregnancy progresses. It lowers the chances of uterine, and vaginal infections.

Lumps of white color: Vaginal discharge is lumpy in nature. It has cream or white color and looks like cottage cheese. If you have such type of vaginal discharge, then it is a sign of a yeast infection. Some of the signs that tells you of infection, are burning, itching, pain while urinating or intercourse.

Yellow or green: If you find that the vaginal discharge is yellow or green in color, then it indicates a sexually transmitted infection. Some of the infection that could indicate are trichomoniasis, and chlamydia. You may experience irritation, or redness in the vaginal area.

Gray: This is another unhealthy vaginal discharge. Gray color indicates bacterial vaginal infection. It has a fishy smell that gets stronger after intercourse. This type of discharge happens due to the imbalance in bacterial in the vaginal region.

Brown: Brown color discharge indicates old blood that leaves the body through the way of discharge. Though, this color of discharge does not indicate any infection, but it is important to contact your doctor.

Pink: Pink discharge occurs in the initial or last weeks of pregnancy. This color of discharge indicates that your body is preparing for labor. You should note that it can also be an indication of a miscarriage. So, you must get yourself checked by your doctor.

Red: Red color of vaginal discharge in pregnancy needs immediate medical attention. If you experience heavy bleeding that contains clots, or cause abdominal pain, or cramps, then it can be a serious concern. You should seek immediate assistance from the doctor.

How to deal with vaginal discharge in pregnancy?

  • An expecting mother should eat healthy and well-balanced diet to maintain vaginal health.
  • Though mild-smelling discharge is normal in pregnancy, if you find unusual odor or color of discharge, then it indicates infection.
  • By seeking medical assistance, your doctor can prescribe you antibiotics, and other medicines to treat your infections effectively.


An increase in amount of vaginal discharge in pregnancy is normal. However, unusual discharge with odor and cramps in the abdomen, or vaginal discomfort, is a sign of some health issue. Under such situations, a woman should not delay seeking medical intervention. Quick medical care will help you resolve this problem at the earliest, and ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.