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Tips To Prepare For Labor And Delivery

Preparation for labor can be quite exhausting for you. You may be filled with a lot of anxiety, and the fear of the unknown. It is very common to get feelings like this. You may be getting countless advices, and trying several things to prepare your body for a convenient, fast and safe labor experience.

Some of them being drinking uterus-toning tea, daily exercise to bring fetus to the right position, stress relaxation exercises, revising birth plans, etc. Being physically and mentally prepared is very important at this critical time. We have compiled a list of ways by which you can simplify your delivery process, improve your birth experience, as well as spend time relishing each moment of your pregnancy.

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Take a course

Being educated about the labor process will help you in smooth and quick delivery. For this, you can enroll for a childbirth course as soon as possible. The course will help you get knowledge about the different phases of labor so that you can set the right expectations. Better preparations will provide you more choices to have a comfortable labor experience.

Find focus, and strength

Another important thing that you need to do is to learn to practice focus. Yoga can very helpful in pregnancy. It improves concentration, and benefits you in strengthening your entire body, eliminate accumulated toxins, deal with pre and post pregnancy depression, reduce anxiety, and increase your stamina, and flexibility. It relaxes your mind and replaces negative thoughts by peace and positivity.

Relax yourself

It has been observed that the more you are at ease, the better you will be able to deal with the challenges associated with labor. One of the best ways to relax your body is to seek assistance of a certified postpartum, and prenatal massage therapist. Regular massage will loosen up your body, relax your muscles, calm your mind, improve blood circulation, and get a good sleep. All this will make you feel refreshed, and rejuvenated from inside.

Added pressure and simple touch can ease the tense body of a woman. Massage releases feel good chemicals, “endorphins” in the body. A neck rub, foot rub, back caress, tailbone press, pelvis press etc. can reduce the pain during contractions.

Learn effective pain management methods

Learn various effective techniques for managing pain at the time of childbirth. This includes changes in labor position, self-hypnosis, application of heat pack, and varying breathing practices. Learning about the safe, and effective ways to relieve pain can reduce your anxiety. You can discuss with your doctor in advance about any medicine and other available options.

Be moving

For healthy pregnancy, it is required to keep moving. This involves move like walking, dancing, squatting, and kneeling at slow pace. Regular movement will help your baby to move down and out. Rock your body back and forth on your knees, and hands will bring the baby in the optimal position.

Set the Environment

It is important to prepare the right environment that is conducive for labor. A quiet, and dark environment is perfect in labor. Ask your nurse to reduce noise, and lower the intensity of the light. A pair of socks, light music, soothing scent, favorite pillow, family photos etc. will all contribute towards a convenient, and safe delivery.

Consider the delivery option of a water birth

Many women choose the option of water birth to deliver a baby. This is because the buoyancy and soothing warmth of luke-warm water soothes muscle during labor. All it needs is to make an arrangement of a warm tub, and take the plunge. However, before you use it for your delivery, it is important to discuss the consequences and viability of this delivery option with your doctor.

Make a flexible birth plan

A birth plan is a helpful method to communicate wishes, choices, and concerns fast and effectively, before you move to actual labor stage. Have elaborate discussions with your doctor, and map out on how would you like to get your delivery executed. Understand how well your plan translates to your choices and preferences is critical.

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The aim of labor is to deliver a healthy baby while maintaining the best health of mom. However, the path can be little different for each pregnant woman. The long list of checklists, and advice can make your labor an overwhelming experience.

If you are feeling anxious about labor, then these are some essential and useful tips from mothers who have been there. Implement it regularly to make a meaningful impact on your pregnancy and make your labor and delivery journey a peaceful and enjoyable experience.