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Why Third Trimester Is The Hardest 

The third and final trimester of your pregnancy is probably the hardest part of your 9-month journey towards motherhood. You are so close yet just so annoyingly far away from the finish line. It is also the time when your body has had more than enough and you just wanna be done with it. The third trimester, which starts from week 27 of your pregnancy, takes you kind of by storm, by overwhelming you after a relatively comfortable second trimester. 

#1 Pregnancy Glow Is Replaced By Pregnancy Swell

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During these last few weeks of your pregnancy, the beautiful pregnancy glow that you have had until this point has now been replaced by swells and sweat. From breasts to feet, every part of your body is sore and you could definitely do without the pain. 

A lot of times it feels as if you have just ballooned overnight to the point where you can’t even see your own feet (which are in pain from helping you carry around the additional weight.) anymore. If you haven’t had the chance to rest your feet or put your feet up, then you are in for some swollen feet and even swollen arms. 

The swelling can and will make it harder for you to fit into your favorite shoes which certainly won’t help all the mood swings. 

#2 You Might As Well Shave Blind

pregnant can't shave

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In addition to your swollen feet, you also will notice that your legs have now started growing their own colony thanks to their thick, luscious and irritating hair. Unless you have been in a leg cast before, you probably won’t have experienced such body hair growth before. 

#3 You Haven’t Slept Through Weeks

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Another extremely annoying and tiresome part of the third trimester is the sleep deprivation that comes with it. You are told by everyone that once the baby is out, you won’t be able to get any rest so you should catch up on your sleep now. But what people don’t tell you is the fact that you won’t be able to get quality sleep even during your third trimester. 

During the third trimester, the pressure on your bladder is more than it’s ever been, and you are bound to make multiple trips to the washroom, even at night which will more than likely ruin your sleep cycle. 

You may also experience a lot of body aches and back pain during this time which definitely doesn’t make sleeping any easier. Some women also can experience issues with breathing at night as there is increased pressure on the diaphragm during this time. All these factors, combined with the general discomfort you feel, make it very difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep if you are able to get any at all.

#4 The Return Of The Fatigue

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The second trimester will have you believe that the pain, fatigue, and frequent urination are behind you, as the uterus has moved or risen into the abdominal cavity. But the third trimester will be ready to shatter this belief. 

The pain and fatigue you haven’t felt since the initial few weeks of your pregnancy make an unwanted return during the third trimester. You are bound to feel tired and groggy like you have never felt before. This coupled with the fact that you aren’t able to get any comfortable or good sleep really drains you and makes you just wish you were done with this pregnancy already. 

#5 Everything You Eat Makes You Feel Full and Gives Heartburn

heartburn during pregnancy

During the third trimester, the baby and the uterus are larger than they have ever been before. This not only leads to more pressure on your bladder resulting in frequent bathroom visits but also squishes your other internal organs around. One of these internal organs is squished in the stomach. Lesser space for your stomach means that the acids in your stomach also get pushed upwards into your esophagus which causes inflammation, heartburn, and acidity. 

This is more than a mild inconvenience as you already are dealing with cravings and food aversions that are all over the place. The heartburn makes this a lot worse and adds to all the other troubles of your third trimester. 

#6 You Are Ready To Serve Your baby An Eviction Notice

eviction notice to baby in womb

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Your baby is also trying to become the next best footballer in your belly with all the kicks. The same kicks that were initially amusing and fun are now very painful. The body pain, back pain, and even rib pain from the baby kicking in your belly make the third trimester very unpleasant. 

You are at the finish line and your baby is just about to be out. As much as you may feel like just yelling at the little fella living comfortably inside you, you can’t. You just have to power through and stay strong, both physically and mentally to see this beautiful and painful journey through.