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10 Memes That Sum Up Your Third Trimester

There you are – in your last phase of pregnancy – the third trimester! As much as you are elated, you are also shaken by how much your body has gone haywire in this last phase. From random and “dangerous” mood swings to the unexplainable pain, to the swings of happiness you feel when you know your baby is on the way, everything is a tumult.

To help you get through, we present you with 10 hilarious memes that sum up your third trimester.

#1 Pain and Gain

third trimester

All the pain that you go through in your third trimester almost seems illegal at a point. The increased pain is because of many reasons, including your muscles and bones in the pelvic area relaxing themselves to make way for the baby to come out.

#2 Every minute counts

slept great

Everyone tells you to sleep as much as you can before the baby comes. But this is almost impossible given the swelling, the pain, and the fact that you need to pee every single hour. It almost feels like you are preparing for all those nights that you need to stay up soon.

#3 Keeping fit and all that

3rd trimester workout

The only issue we have with the list is that it does not repeat peeing at least thrice. Everything feels like a chore during the third trimester and you have no control over how you feel at any point. Even if you don’t feel sleepy, staying in bed seems like the best option at times.

#4 It’s just not worth it.

dropped on floor

Even if you were a pro at yoga workouts, you now cannot stand the thought of bending over for anything crucial. Every single movement that you make feels like a full-blown workout on its own and it is impossible to get yourself to stand up straight again so why bother.

#5 Mood Swinging like a pendulum

busy day pregnancy

When did everyone just get so annoying? You don’t know whether it is the hormones or the fact that you are tired all the time, you simply don’t find people amusing anymore. You need your space but you also need people around to take care of you. Being nice is the hard part.

#6 We are in this together!

you sleeping

With it being extremely difficult for you to fall asleep, you simply cannot watch your partner (even if you love them to bits) sleep peacefully. There are so many other things you could be doing instead like talking about the baby or planning finances. Why should they sleep when you clearly cannot?

#7 The fun is in the middle

trimesters of pregnancy

If anyone has told you that the second trimester is the best, believe them. With all the morning sickness, the excitement of the pregnancy wears out pretty fast in the first trimester. By the time you enter the third trimester after the relatively uneventful second trimester, you just want the baby to get out.

#8 Love can wait… comfort first.

third trimester cuddle with pillow

You cannot believe that you have not been doing this all the time. The pillow just feels so right and soft and makes your back feel heavenly.

#9 Not Again…

baby on bladder

Towards the big day, you are practically scared of drinking water because of how many times you have to pee every day thanks to the baby.

#10 Don’t Worry

I'm still pregnant

Even if you were secretly hoping that your baby would come out before term, it is a great thing that you have carried them this far. Just hang on tight for a little while longer.

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase that looks like a fleeting moment once your baby is in your arms. The feeling of having a life grow inside of you is an amazing thing and having the opportunity to watch it grow is surreal. It may be overwhelming or exhausting at times, but in the end, it’s worth it.

So, smile a little and have fun reading these memes and finding yourself relating to them!