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Is It A Girl Or Boy? 15 Fun Ways To Predict

With technological advancement, there are scientifically proven high-tech methods like an ultrasound that lets you determine the gender of the baby while it is in the womb. However, it has not stopped expecting women to learn about baby gender in low-tech or inaccurate ways. Here is a rundown of a few fun-filled ways that can give you some indication of your little one’s gender before she or he is born.

Check the heart rate

baby heart rate

Racing of the baby’s heart is quite normal during pregnancy. If you find that the heart rate of your baby is faster and reaches to 150, then it is a sign of a baby girl. Anything below 150 indicates a baby boy!

Chinese Calendar

chinese baby gender predidctor

The Chinese calendar is also used by mothers to decipher the gender of the baby while it is in the womb. This calendar uses only two inputs: the age of mother and month of conception. With these two things, it is easy to find out the gender of your baby that you are carrying.

High Bump Or Low Bump

high bump low bump

Another factor that can help you arrive at the gender of the baby is bumps. If you find that the bump is high, then it could indicate a baby girl, else you are carrying a baby boy.

Sweet Or Sour Craving

pregnancy craving sweet or sour

Often it has been seen that women during their pregnancy crave for sour or sweet foods. This is again a good way to tell the gender of the baby. Women who have a craving for sweets indicates a baby girl, while those with a craving for sour foods indicates a baby boy.

Mayan Gender Prediction

mayan gender chart

Similar to the Chinese Calendar, there is one more way to determine the baby’s gender. It is through Mayan Gender prediction. This method uses the age of the mother along with the year of conception to determine the baby’s gender. If both are even or odd, then it is a girl. If one is even and the other is odd, then it is likely to be a baby boy.

Morning Sickness

morning sickness

If you experience a lot of gags and nausea feeling frequently in your first trimester, then it is likely to have a baby girl. If this phase is not that troublesome for you, then it indicates a baby boy’s charm!

Complexion During Pregnancy

If you are having a baby girl, then you may lose your beauty. A baby girl steals your charm and glows during pregnancy. On the other hand, if your skin radiates and glows, and you appear prettier than usual, then it indicates that you expect a baby boy.

Sleeping Position

As per the tales, women who sleep on their right during pregnancy indicates a baby girl, whereas the ones who sleep on their left side are likely to have a baby boy.

Dry Vs Soft Hands

The tenderness and softness of your hands can be an indicator of the gender of the baby that you are carrying. Women who have soft hands at the time of their pregnancy implies the chances of a baby girl. On the other hand, women who have dry hands at their pregnancy time can suggest of a baby boy.

Moody Mama

Moodiness is another factor that determines the baby’s gender. If you notice terrible fluctuations in your mood in the 1st trimester, then it indicates a baby girl, else you might be having a baby boy.

Graceful or Clumsy

If you are a graceful preggo during your pregnancy then it indicates chances of a baby girl. If you look like a clumsy mama, then you are likely to give birth to a baby boy.

Basketball Belly

If your belly bump appears protruding in the front direction, then it can be a baby boy. If the bump looks pretty round, then chances of her being a baby girl are more.

Different Dreams

Your dreams can also indicate who is in your womb. If you dream of a baby boy, then it is very likely to happen in reality.

Linea Negra

Another age-old way to determine the gender of a baby is to find out whether the Linea Negra touches the belly button. If it touches, then it is a baby girl. If it reaches up to the ribs section, then it is a baby boy.

Trust your instincts

Expecting mother has great intuition. They have an amazing ability to sense about the gender of their baby. In around 70 percent of the cases, whatever intuition a pregnant lady feels, it comes out to be true.

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Every expecting parent is curious to know about the gender of the baby in the womb. These easy and fun ways can keep you guessing whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl throughout your pregnancy period. Though there is no modern science backing them and have very less accuracy, but they can be a fun activity to make your pregnancy a more enjoyable experience.