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Ways to Avoid Early Labor (Premature Birth)

A full-term pregnancy is considered to be best for the health of your baby. It lasts for around forty weeks. When a woman’s womb can’t hold the baby and gives birth before this time, then it is considered to be a premature birth or early labor. Generally, babies who are born before thirty-seven weeks, are considered to be a preterm birth. 

What Reasons Contribute To Premature Birth In Babies?

Premature birth can be due to following reasons:

  • If you are an underweight or overweight person
  • If you have a weak or short cervix 
  • If you have delivered a premature baby in the past
  • If you are on recreational medicines at the time of pregnancy. This can harm the baby and can even raise the possibilities of early labor. Consumption of heroin, cannabis, cocaine, etc. can lead to premature birth in a person. The chemical content present in them can alter the mood, impair the judgment, and enhance the chances of premature delivery. 
  • Bacterial, sexually transmitted infections and air-borne infections can also lead to premature birth. These infections can diminish the functioning of the immune system, and can adversely impact the baby as well. 
  • Women who are carrying twins are more susceptible to early labor.

Is It Possible To Prevent Premature Labor?

Premature labor is very important to avoid premature delivery to a major extent. It can be prevented with the help of the following treatments. It is important to note that these treatments can assist in the prevention of premature birth when you are carrying babies in multiples.

  • External supplementation of progesterone hormone is given to reduce the possibilities of early labor. It is beneficial in women who have a short cervix or have delivered a premature baby in the past. 
  • Another method that doctors use is “Cerclage” where he sews the cervix of the women to prevent early labor. Doctors advise this method for those women who have a short cervix, a cervix that opens early than expected, or have suffered from miscarriages, or premature delivery in the past. 

Tips To Avoid Premature Birth?

Here are a few effective tips that “would be moms” can use to reduce the possibilities of going into labor soon. 

Get quick checkups 

  • Be in regular touch with your doctor when you figure out that you are pregnant.
  • Perform all prenatal appointments.
  • Get screening tests to figure out your and your baby’s health.

Prevent infection

  • Always use condoms at the time of sex.
  • Wash your hands at regular times during the day.
  • Pregnant women who have a cat at home, are not advised not to change kitty litter. This will save them from getting infected.  
  • Be cautious at the time of making, eating, or storing food. Wash your hands properly both before as well as after touching food. Always check the expiry date of the foods before you consume them. Disinfect surfaces, and utensils if they are touched by fish or raw meat.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after using the loo, and after changing your baby’s nappy.
  • Avoid fish, unpasteurized milk products, and raw meat.
  • It is a best practice to wash hands after you come in contact with bodily fluids of animals.
  • If you are fond of gardening, then ensure that you wear good quality gloves at the time of doing the task.
  • Prevent food contamination. Avoid eating foods that may contain bacteria as this can harm your baby.

Keep Your Gums And Teeth Clean

There is an association between gum ailment, tooth decay, and premature birth. Infection and inflammation in gums could lead to early labor. Take good care of your oral cavity to keep your mouth in the best condition.

Protect the health and overall well‑being of the baby

  • Do not drink alcohol, consume illegal drugs, and smoke. 
  • Take care of your existing health issues.
  • Keep yourself free from stress and anxiety. 
  • Include a wide range of healthy foods in your diet.
  • Stay adequately hydrated.
  • Consume prenatal vitamins.
  • Make yoga, walking, and other light exercises, a part of your routine. It will make you mentally and physically fit.
  • Aim to gain about 15 to 20 kgs of weight during pregnancy
  • Always keep your doctor informed if you feel any discomfort. Get a professional assistance of a therapist to overcome worries.


It is not good for the health of the baby as premature babies can develop health issues that can last in them throughout their life. By implementing the above preventive measures, you can easily lower the chances of premature birth.

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