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5 Funny Things Babies Do

You are not the first parent to look at your baby and think that they are beautiful but slightly we ird and you definitely won’t be the last. Babies do certain things that confuse us as parents and we are left wondering if they are alright.

In this article, we explore five such things babies do. If your baby does any of the following, don’t worry, they’re just being a baby.

#1 Laugh in their sleep

Smiling baby lying on a bed sleeping

This will be delightful at first and you might go around looking for a camera or your phone to record the moment. But when it happens over and over again, you might get a little concerned as to whether this is normal. While we cannot entirely be sure about why they laugh in their sleep, it sure is a common occurrence.

The problem is that it is impossible as of now to know whether babies are capable of dreaming because we cannot exactly determine REM sleep in them. Mostly, you do not have to be concerned but if you notice a pattern that looks odd, very rarely so, it could be a kind of sei zure and you will have to get this checked out.

#2 Making Funny Noises

baby sounds

Source: BrightSide

Babies make indistinguishable sounds that seem funny to us, but if you learn to identify them separately, this can tell you a lot about their temperament and what they are feeling at the moment. For instance, they have a very remarkable ‘neh’ sound that occurs as a reflex which indicates that they are hungry.

However, if it sounds something like ‘heh’, it might mean that they are uncomfortable. They might be feeling itchy or wet and if you don’t address the discomfort soon, they will start bawling.

#3 Staring

newborn limited vision

OK. I’m not going to lie. This can get pretty cre epy especially if they’re looking somewhere and you have no idea what they are staring at. However, you do not need to worry as they are just getting to know the world around them and this is a form of communication for them. They are interacting with the outside world.

Some studies show that babies stare at people and things they find beautiful or have distinctive textures or patterns. They also start to notice bright colors and movements which capture their attention for longer than adults care to notice them. This is because they are not used to these things but we are.

#4 Crying with no tears

baby cry no tears

If your baby is under 6 months and is crying without any tears, it is absolutely normal. Most babies can form tears within two months of age, but the tear is used to keep their eyes moist only. Tears will start to roll down their cheeks past 3 months.

On the other hand, if your little one, who is over six months, is crying without tears, it could be an indication of dehydration. Look for other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and poor feeding. In case your baby is suffering from dehydration owing to which they are crying with no tears, make sure they are getting enough fluids every day.

#5 Pooping a lot

baby first poop

Don’t worry. If you are changing diapers as often as six times a day, I feel you, but it is entirely normal. Babies undergoing bre.astfeeding might p0op after every feeding. This is normal up to two months of age.

You only need to start worrying if you see wate ry p0ops more than thrice a day because this means they have diar.rhea, which is not uncommon in babies. It can be treated easily depending on the cause.

Well, now you know that if your baby is doing any of the above, you don’t need to worry about them being different. Check out our other posts for more interesting information about your little ones.