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6 Worst parts about Pregnancy

Being pregnant and getting ready to welcome your newborn child into this world is an exciting and happy time for most moms. Everyone is looking forward to welcoming the new family member that is going to be a happy little addition to their family.

But, just like all good things in life, Pregnancy also comes with more than a few very annoying things. Even though getting to be a mother is a very beautiful time for many, we aren’t sure we can say the same about the 9 months that lead up to it. As many mothers would agree pregnancy comes with a lot more than just minor inconveniences. From the vomiting to the pains and the not-very-helpful advice that everyone loves handing out, pregnancy sure does have its own worst parts. 

Today, we are going to take a look at 6 of the worst parts of pregnancy and also give you a tip or two on how you can deal with it! 

#1 Always hungry and then not hungry

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Even if you have never been pregnant, you have definitely heard about how pregnant women are always hungry and craving food. From TV to movies, it is kinda hard to miss. That is true in some cases, where some soon-to-be mothers really experience an increased appetite and strong cravings for very specific foods such as pickles or chocolate. But, what you often don’t see or hear about is that some pregnant women also experience a loss of appetite. 

Since your body is constantly undergoing lots of changes, it can have a direct impact on your appetite as well. And the loss of appetite, commonly seen during the first trimester of pregnancy is another one of these changes that are fairly common. Some women even report being both hungry and not hungry at the same time! These changes in appetite are common and natural. 

It is recommended that you should at all times, ensure that you are consuming the required amount of calories to make sure both you and the baby are well-nourished. 

#2 Food aversions & nausea

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Another annoying part about pregnancy that goes hand-in-hand with the many appetite fluctuations is food aversions. Unlike a loss of appetite, people who experience food aversions, often develop a strong dislike of certain foods, such as garlic, meat, eggs, onion, etc, or their smells. Many mothers even start hating their favorite snacks and foods as they make them nauseous. 

Food aversions and nausea are actually interrelated as often one can cause the other and vice-versa. Many times, food aversions also lead to non-food-related cravings whereas many women crave non-food substances such as chalk, or a craving for ice. 

If your food aversions include foods that are important for your nourishment, make sure you use alternatives to get the essential nutrients.

#3 Back pains

Back Pain Relief Pregnancy

Backache or Back Pains are also a common and annoying part of pregnancy. As you gain weight during pregnancy, your center of gravity shits and that often leads to back pains. This can be very annoying to deal with and in some cases may even lead to some additional doctor visits. 

To help provide some occasional relief or to deal with this back pain, you can try to have a better posture. Putting pillows under your legs or knees when you sleep is also said to be good for dealing with back pains.   

#4 Constant bathroom trips

pee problem

You may be someone who doesn’t need to go to the washroom that often, or you may frequent the washroom every now and then. Whatever the case may be, once you are pregnant, your bathroom is where you would be spending a lot of your time. As your womb grows during pregnancy, it puts more and more pressure on your bladder. This means more trips to the washroom, which now takes even longer time as you are trying to be more careful than ever. 

Sadly, all the added washroom trips don’t just amount to more peeing, but there’s also the vomiting and in some cases even diarrhea. If you are experiencing any additional symptoms, don’t forget to consult with your doctor. As for the constant peeing trips, try to wear clothes that make your washroom time, at least slightly easier.

#5 Endless doctor visits

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This one again comes as no surprise. Being pregnant means that the time that you aren’t spending in the bathroom, would be spent at the doctor’s office. Having constant and regular check-ups is very essential as it helps ensure that everything is going well and that both you and your baby are healthy. 

But the constant back and forth trips to the doctor can really add to the overall annoyance and inconvenience of being pregnant. We would recommend that you find a tag-along buddy, or a book to keep you busy as you sit in the waiting rooms. You can also give yourself tiny rewards for each successful visit.  

#6 Unsolicited advice

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Last but definitely not least, we have all the unsolicited advice. Family members to strangers, everyone will have something to say about your body. Constant unwanted tips and advice can really be frustrating and make all the other inconveniences even worse. 

In most cases, it is best to just ignore these devices as only you and your doctor can tell you what to do and what not to do.

Just the good ‘ole fake smile and nod, should be good enough for anyone who’s dishing out any unneeded advice towards you.