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Six Tips To Prepare For Labor And Postpartum

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and demanding task in the world. It is not easy to bring another human into the world without getting a little hurt. Bringing a child out of your body may be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life but it is far from simple. As difficult as the first 9 months, probably more, labor requires preparation and hard work. It is the action stage of pregnancy where you will have to put in all your strength.

It is because of this reason that you must be fully equipped with all the knowledge and information that might come in handy when you are in labor. When you know what all can happen and the surprise element is gone, you experience less anxiety. That’s why you must start well before your due date to eliminate any troubles that might harm you or your child. Plan ahead and deal with your concerns related to childbirth by visiting your doctor for peace of mind.

That’s why we have decided to share some ways with you that can help you get ready for labor and delivery. It is important to note that you cannot prepare for every event that might occur during the labor but you can certainly take all necessary steps to have a smooth experience, as much as possible. Take a look at some of the ways you can prepare for labor and postpartum.

#1 Exercise for labor

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Just like you train hard ahead of any physical activity of importance, exercise properly for labor. Pregnancy is harder than most of the sports out there. There is no reason you must not be equally or more prepared for it. If you are skeptical about whether you will be able to manage all this by yourself, hire a coach or physical therapist who can channel your thoughts. He/She can help you to focus on the brighter part by steering you away from possible injury and tension of recovery in the postpartum stage.

Pregnancy can change your center of gravity and alter your posture. A physical therapist can help you to learn pushing techniques for delivery and also teach positions that might conduce labor. Exercising before giving birth also helps your muscles to strengthen so that your pain is reduced after the baby is born. Finding the right instructor for yourself can help you adjust to body changes immensely.

#2 Learn to Manage Stress and Relax

stress in pregnancy

It is natural to remain stressed during labor. It is an entirely new and hard experience for you to go through. Of course, thinking about the future can make it easier but you need to learn how to calm yourself in such an extremely stressful situation. It is because emotional stress during the time of childbirth can affect your baby’s growth. When you learn to manage stress and anxiety during pregnancy, you enter into a lifelong practice of maintaining your health that might benefit you to a great extent.

The most natural way to deal with stress is to sleep enough and eat healthy at the right time. You might also want to pinpoint the things that trigger stress in you and strictly avoid them before your due date. Learn to say no to things or activities that might contribute positively to your stress levels. If nothing works, seek help from your doctor who can prescribe a safe medication for you.

#3 Seek emotional support

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In life, you require healthy relationships to sustain peacefully. These relationships must be your safe haven whenever you are out there fighting anything. The importance of good relationships increases exponentially during pregnancy. Various research studies have established that support from your loved ones can reduce stress to a great extent.

It is true that a mother does all the work during pregnancy and labor but when she gets support from her partner at all stages, her strength to tolerate pain doubles. Keep those people around you who you can easily ask for help in a difficult situation and who are forever ready to assist you in the journey.

#4 Learn to deal with labor pain

labor contractions

We are not suggesting anything that might actually reduce the labor pain. No. There are certain things you can try that will help you to deal with labor pain with vigor. The environment around a woman giving birth must be comfortable enough for her. It must not be congested with unnecessary items. You can hire a midwife who can assist you in managing the frequent pain waves. You can learn rhythmic breathing techniques that might alleviate your pain during contractions. Apply warm and cold compresses. Even massaging with a lotion can relax your muscles.

Apart from everything else, you must have all knowledge about labor to prevent any surprises.

#5 Live through the first month to the maximum

The first month after your delivery requires you to take ample rest and take care of yourself and the baby. We won’t lie that it will be a smooth journey filled with roses. It is more likely to be rough. But, you just need to focus on feeding your baby and yourself on time. You must also take care of your diet because whatever you eat, your baby eats too. More importantly, stay relaxed and sleep on time because your body has already gone through enough.

#6 Return to your normal life with ease

Don’t hurry and return to work as the stress will be a lot for you to take in the first few days. You might also feel sad to leave your baby behind. That’s why you must take one step at a time before resuming your normal life full-fledged. Start with a small thing and eventually move on to greater and more complex things. Don’t rush into the process.

The best way to deal with labor and postpartum is to think about your baby. A part of your soul will reside right in front of your eyes and will be loved a lot. Keep reminding yourself that the pain and discomfort won’t last forever and the coming days will be full of sunshine.