pregnancy expecation and reality

Pregnancy – Expectations VS Reality

Expecting mothers tend to have pretty unrealistic expectations of how the pregnancy will pan out. But things might not turn out to be as you expected. Here are some moments of pregnancy that may not meet your expectations. Remember, this post is not to make you feel bad but just to give you a little laugh because humor is the best way to deal with such problems.

Baby Bump

baby bump

Expectations: As it is in the movies, you expect to have the cutest and perfectly round baby bump. You are probably thinking that it would not even be your third trimester and you will be waddling around with a way too obvious baby bump.

Reality: In reality, when your baby bumps start appearing, you may not have a perfectly round baby bump. And from behind, no one is going to be able to tell that you’re pregnant!

However, don’t get discouraged with it. Not every pregnant woman’s baby bump is big. As long as your baby is healthy and growing well, this should not be a problem.

Pregnancy Glow

pregnancy glow

Expectations: I am going to have a glowing face that will make everyone think that I am a pregnant angel with amazing skin. So many people are going to be asking for my skincare routine while I tell them that it is completely ‘au naturel’.

Reality: Phoebe was right- the only damn glow is from puking all day. Your skin is patchy and ew what is that brown mark you can’t even name? How is your face red all the time and you are left wondering if you could sleep under your massive eye bags.


pregnancy cravings

Expectations: I have stocked up on enough pickles and snacks to get me through my hunger pangs. And if I do have a craving around 3 am my partner will be super understanding and rush to cook me pancakes with cheese.

Reality: To be fair, your partner might get up at 3 AM and make some pancakes for you but it is only because they are afraid you’ll cry or yell at them again. You never once open the pickle jar because it makes you puke. You end up ordering Thai food that gives you severe reflux but you will eat it anyway.


pregnancy yoga

Source: SpoiledYogi

Expectations: Maintaining a slim body might be difficult for others who have no self-control or commitment but I am better than that. I will smile as the sun hits my face while I rock the Dancing Warrior.

Reality: You discreetly disconnect the call from your instructor because you know she’s calling to ask where you are and also you don’t want your partner to make fun of you again for not showing up to most classes. But hey, you tried. Till you realized that it is messy, sweaty, and walking around your apartment in a T-shirt is more than enough exercise.

Eating Healthy

healthy eating

Expectations: I have been stocking up on the best organic produce that will help me whip up quick quinoa-based meals and salads to munch on all day (as a result of which my skin shall glow).

Reality: Three packets of chips a day is just how you roll now. Also, what is the very sight of lettuce making you want to scream at someone? Where is the real food- mama wants her cheeseburgers and hash browns.


pregnancy sleep

Expectations: My partner and I will talk about our little miracle and fall asleep in each other’s arms with the little one sleeping inside and everyone snuggling away aboard the dreamland train.

Reality: Well you have been awake long enough to eat two dinners and at this point, you are wondering if your partner will get mad or find it adorable if you wake them to talk about your baby.

Wearing Cute Maternity Clothes

cute clothes

Expectations: That Zoe Posen top, Diesel maternity jeans, and pretty new sandals, got to have them all. Every day I will be rocking a new look- cowgirl, relaxed mom, or chic urban and everyone is gonna wonder how I manage to look so groomed all the time.

Reality: Crumbs all over the pajamas? Not a problem. Might just wear the bathrobe after a shower, because who wants to go out when you have Netflix, tea, and chocolate at home? Also those jeans you paid $200 for? Oh well, might as well sell them on eBay later.

Helpful Partner

partner support

Expectations: At my every beck and call. Literally. Sudden craving for chocolate pudding and pot pie at 2 am? Well, my partner is going to just call me cute and look for restaurants online or drive all the way there to get it for me.

Reality: Well they seem excited all right but somehow it seems to be more about the baby than you. They’re talking and listening to the bump while you are carefully describing how you made your sandwich and as for the food cravings at 2 am, a grumpy partner and half-asleep delivery boy is your best bet.

Baby Kicks

baby kicks

Source: kosogkaos

Expectations: A little nudge once in a while just to let mommy know you’re in there! I will be looking forward to receiving those little hi’s from you and my baby will respond well to my jokes and the music that I play for them by kicking around lightly.

Reality: You don’t know what it is that triggered them but it’s a whole live soccer match in there and ouch- this is the tenth time in less than half a day! You try to stay quiet in case anything is triggering your hyperactive womb-dweller that might get them started all over again.

After Birth

after brith

Source: ruthannieparnell

Expectations: Well super-mom mode on! I will get back to a well-rested, active, balanced, and happy state. I will be able to get so much done in a day and bond with my baby while inspiring awe in all my friends and other new parents who just can’t seem to get it right.

Reality: The pregnancy is long gone but sleepless nights are here to stay. Your baby is asleep all day and up all night and you just can’t get them to sleep when you do. The baby monitor goes off every few hours and you’re sure your partner is pretending to be sleeping through this one.

While your pregnancy might not match up to your expectations, it is not all that bad either. There are several moments when you can’t but help feel blessed while others… well not so much. The key is to take it easy and one step at a time. Maybe lower your expectations just a bit.