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7 Rules To Follow When Visiting A Newborn

The news of pregnancy can be overwhelming for many friends and families and most of them would like to see the face of the newborn kid first. If you have a large family then the onus lies on you too to ensure that a crowd does not accompany you to the hospital.

In times of the pandemic, hospitals might turn into a hotspot if proper care is not taken. To ensure maximum safety of the patients and their staff members many hospitals have come up with these rules:

1. Do Not Invite Yourself Unless You’re Invited

newborn hospital visit

A hospital’s working efficiency would decrease drastically if it is always overcrowded. Some hospitals only allow one guardian with one patient. If you are not invited by the family then don’t rush to the hospital unannounced.

Some of us should understand that a hospital is a working place and if all of us would go there to celebrate the birth of a newborn then we would be creating a hindrance for the staff and hospital management.

2. Wash Or Sanitize Your Hands

wash hands before touching the baby

Before touching a baby you should wash and sanitize your hands thoroughly. A baby had been in protection from external viruses and bacteria inside the mother’s womb for 9 months. The baby is most vulnerable to bacteria and infections when he has just entered this world.

A baby’s immune system has not been fully developed yet which is why It is strictly advisable to Wash or Sanitize your hands properly before handling the baby.

3. Don’t Touch The Baby Without permission

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The feeling of euphoria when some of you see a baby might get the best of you and you will end up picking the baby without asking for permission. It is courteous to ask the permission of the mother or the father before touching the baby.

Moreover, not everyone has the expertise to hold a baby and if a lot of people are allowed to touch the baby then the chances of him getting an infection might increase. The baby might not be comfortable around so many people.

So before picking a baby you should ask for the permission of the parents.

4. Ask Permission Before You Take pictures

taking selfie with a baby

Some people do not respect the personal space of the parents and the newborn child. They would like to be the ones to share the pictures of the baby first. Most people do not realize that our cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

These bacteria would cause health complications to the child if they come in contact with it. Moreover, cell phones emit harmful radiation and if a lot of people take pictures of the baby then this radiation might harm the baby. 

It is advisable to ask for permission before you take pictures of the baby as the parents might have their own plan on how to show their baby’s face to all their extended friends and relatives.

5. Do Not Kiss The Baby

kissing the baby

A baby is most vulnerable during the first few days of birth. Many doctors advise against strangers kissing the baby as they might transfer harmful bacteria. Kissing a newborn might give them fever blisters or cold sores.

Many of you know that a baby does not have a fully developed immune system. Moreover, they are not vaccinated against all ailments yet. Even a kiss with plenty of love and warmth can be fatal for the kid.

Adults can transfer many viruses to infants simply by kissing. Many infants are particularly vulnerable to HSV-1. The virus can be transferred to kids by kissing and in some cases can cause the death of the kid as well.

6. Please Don’t Overstay, Mama Needs To Rest

Childbirth is a very taxing process. A mother has to undergo a lot of mental and physical pain. After childbirth, the body of the mother needs some time to recuperate and recover. Greeting a lot of people who came to look at the baby may drain the mother of all her energy.

Some of you might want to know about her experience or would like to give a piece of advice on how to raise a child. You should remember that she is a new mother as well and all your questions may drain her mental energy.

You should understand that after delivery both the baby and the mother need ample amount of time to rest. Keep you stay short and let them both have some rest.

7. Stay At Home If You Are Sick

It might not be possible for the parents to check everyone who comes to the hospital to see the baby for any sign of sickness. As you all know that a child has a very weak immune system and even a minor cold can be fatal for the child.

No matter how close a relative you are to the newborn’s mother, if you are not feeling well, or if you had some illness a few days back then it is advisable to avoid going to meet the baby. 

The feeling of missing out on seeing the baby might be heartbreaking but trust us you would be doing a great favor to the baby and yourself. If you are sick then chances are that your own immune system might be weak. 

Visiting a hospital with a weak immune system is like inviting different bacteria to invade your body. So, if you are sick it is highly advisable that you remain in your house and protect the baby as well as yourself from harmful bacteria and viruses.