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How to Sleep During the Third Trimester?

Most women experience sleeping difficulties towards and during the third trimester of their pregnancy. Forget a good quality of sleep, even staying asleep for a few hours at night seems like a task and the consecutive days are tiring. It doesn’t help that pregnancy demands more sleep than usual to combat the day’s exhaustion.

What leads to poor sleep during the third trimester?

Here are some of the most common reasons why getting a good shut-eye is so difficult during this period:

  • Constant muscle sores and backache. You tend to wake up way too often craving a good lower back massage but it doesn’t help much. This is mostly because your pelvic ligaments and joints are loosening, preparing for birth.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome. This is a rather common phenomenon in the third trimester and your leg or foot might feel uncomfortable for no reason. You will want to shake them and sometimes you experience cramps as well.
  • Your belly is too big. Sleeping on your back or stomach is just too uncomfortable and you are worried constantly about squishing your baby.
  • You need to pee way too many times. Your uterus presses against your bladder reducing its capacity to hold urine significantly which is why you will be visiting the washroom at least five times every night.

How to improve your sleep during the third trimester:

Here are some effective tips that will help you gain a good nights sleep:

Sleeping Position

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After much research, doctors have unanimously agreed that the best and most comfortable position to sleep during the third trimester is on your left side. Tuck your knees slightly upwards, facing your chin. Not only will you sleep better, but you will also be nourishing the uterus better with oxygen and nutrients. your blood circulation improves which reduces the occurrence of varicose veins and general body swelling. If you are not comfortable sleeping on your left, you can try sleeping in other positions briefly but none of them is optimal and can exert pressure on organs, causes heartburn, and also block blood flow. You can try keeping a pillow between your legs to help you feel more comfortable and sleep better.

Mental Health

75% of women experience different levels of insomnia during the third trimester and this is caused by the rush of hormones rampaging through your body. The results of the hormone rampage include anxiety, depression, stressful dreams, and mood swings, all of which affect sleep. The best way to combat these issues is to address them and actively work towards overcoming them through different measures. Try reading a book or taking a hot bath before getting into bed. Engage your partner in light conversation if they are awake and discuss your worries. You can try seeking professional help and undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy. Women who have sleep issues and mental health issues during the third trimester tend to experience postpartum depression as well which is why it is important to address them early on.

Physical Activity

Pregnant women are always advised to stay active and fit during pregnancy to avoid excessive weight gain and also achieve a healthy state of mind. You don’t have to do anything very exerting. Yoga is an excellent option and pregnancy yoga classes help you stay fit and calm during labor when it is combined with the practice of meditation. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage as well. Time your workout sessions such that you are done with them way before bedtime. This will help you relax completely before you get into bed.

Things to Avoid

Stay away from your phone even though it is going to be extremely difficult to do so. The blue screen effect is real and will prevent you from falling asleep. Drink enough water so that you are hydrated but not so much that it adds to the urge to pee even more frequently. Avoid sleeping positions such as sleeping on your stomach, not because it harms the baby, but because it is very uncomfortable. Avoid caffeine entirely.

Even though it will be difficult to fall asleep with the constant kicking from your baby, you will be able to achieve a better quality of sleep than usual if you make an effort as suggested in this post.