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7 Tips For A Perfect DIY Newborn Photoshoot

Ever tried taking a peek at the photo gallery of any new parent?  I bet you see nothing but a string of photos of their newborn taken from different angles and perceptive. New parents love to capture the baby and get addicted to clicking the photos of the cute little human. The babies must be feeling like a celebrity!

Some parents also get the new member of the house clicked by the professional photographer. But this task becomes a challenge as your little baby does not feel comfortable near the stranger that keeps on touching him/her to make them do the best pose. Then what do the new parents do? The poor parents resort to the only option, DIY.

Do not worry dear parents, if you think that you can’t click amazing pictures, we are here to help you. Take a look at the tips to capture your happiness in the photos.

Those tiny details are precious

tiny details baby photoshoot

Babies grow so fast and all those small details will change with the growth of the baby. Then why not capture those moments and preserve them in your camera!

While doing a solo photoshoot of your baby, close down the camera a bit and take a macro shot and try to document all those sweet little movements and gestures your baby makes. Try to take a close-up of the little nose, cute lips, ears, those lovely small fingers and toes, hair, and eyelashes. Also, do not miss the belly button! Every part of the baby’s body makes him/her unique. A close-up will bring out all the emotions you need for the day.

Do the optimum utilization of the light

outdoor baby photoshoot

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No No, I am not talking about the flashlight of your photo capturing device! Forget all those flash settings of the device and use natural light. Try taking some amazing pictures of your infant outside of your house usually during the first hour after the sunrise or the last two hours before sunset. If you want to take pictures inside your house, the north-facing windows will be the best spot as windows in this direction let in the indirect sunshine that does not feel harsh or glaring for the baby. Sometimes you may have to wait for the right time of day to take pictures.

Get creative

baby girl with makeup

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Using your creativity, you can capture amazing photos from day to day activities of your baby. Like this mom used her makeup products to make the after bath photo of her little girl more sassy. Or as simple as using an egg shell, check below.

egg shell photography baby

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Do a portrait session

Baby boy portrait photoshoot

Taking a portrait of your baby would be the best idea as the portrait would make the picture look more vibrant by putting the little human in the complete focus. Also, make sure that you use soft tones in the background and keep it as simple as you can. The soft hues filter would do the job as the purpose is not to make the background too colorful and chaotic but to highlight the tiny human in the photographs in an adorable way.

Capture the baby with siblings

baby with sister photoshoot

Taking the sibling shots would be a perfect way to record the bonding of your children in the most endearing photos. You can take candid photos of them while the older sibling holds the new brother or sister in his arm. Your elder child will also feel special and will not complain about the new baby being the center of attention. Other than this pose, simple lying down poses where the older brother is holding the fingers of the new child would also look good in the picture.

Use the props

baby playing photoshoot

Using props will serve many purposes. They will keep your baby busy in playing with them while you are busy taking his/her cute pictures. Use your creativity and choose a prop that helps in providing more elements to the photoshoot. Make sure that the props are harmless to the baby. Here are some ideas: You can choose from toys, rattles, baby blankets, gentle fans, and various newborn photography props and capture some beautiful and natural pictures of the child. You can also place a crown on the top of your little princess’s head and use a tie for the pictures of the baby boy. Other than this, stuffed toys like teddy bears or dolls will add more charm to the photos.

Get yourself in the photographs

mom with baby

Trust me! Your new baby will cherish these pictures when he or she will grow up. Although taking your pictures with the baby is quite a task, try to do it once, by handling the camera to anyone in your family. You can also use a tripod to capture yourself in the picture. Do not let pregnancy weight be the reason for not capturing the photos. Just do it and you will love it.