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How To Safely Clean Your House While Expecting?

You might want to rethink and re-plan your activities if you prefer to perform major cleaning tasks on your own, after learning that you’re pregnant. Pregnant women may hire a house help or wonder if they can do it themselves when it comes to cleaning the floors.¬†Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment around you while you are pregnant is a must, but it is also important to avoid strenuous activities.

In addition to the physical stress, pregnant women and their unb0rn children may be exposed to cleaning solutions and chemicals that are not always safe. In the specifics of the article, we will discuss how you can safely clean your house while expecting.

Avoid fumes

avoid chemicals during pregnancy

Avoid the use of corrosive or abrasive chemicals. Instead, try your hand at some eco-friendly cleaning. This will not only protect you during your pregnancy but will also prepare you for a change in how you care for your home after your baby is born, as you will no longer need to use harsh chemicals. Everything that you can do with vinegar, baking soda, and lemons will astound and amaze you.

Keep away from the kitty litter

pregnant woman with a cat

Changing the kitty litter and cleaning the litter box are the only two chores that you should avoid doing. Toxoplasmosis is a disease that can be contracted after coming into contact with cat feces. This parasitic infection has the potential to cause miscariage or premture birth.

Watch your back

Back Pain Relief Pregnancy

While it is unlikely to be a problem at the beginning of your pregnancy, your back may begin to ache as the pregnancy progresses. When you reach the fourth month of pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts slightly. Cleaning may become more difficult as a result of the lifting and carrying that is required. If you do not use proper back mechanics, this problem will become worse (like lifting with your legs).

Start now so that it becomes second nature by the time comes for you to use it. This is also true when attempting to clean items that are located at a high elevation. When cleaning tall items such as the tops of cabinets and ceiling fans, opt for extendable handles whenever possible.

Let your pregnancy be the priority

Pregnancy is a demanding endeavor in and of itself, and the delivery of the baby will inevitably be followed by a period during which you will be completely devoted to your child. While it may be several months before you become pregnant, the onset of pregnancy will undoubtedly cause your energy levels to plummet and leave you exhausted. If you are able to delegate the task, please do so.

Ensure you wear gloves all the time

pregnancy wearing gloves

The altered biochemistry of your body has an effect on your skin as well, causing it to become much more sensitive than it would otherwise have been. This could result in allergic reactions and rashes occurring even if you come into contact with chemicals that you were previously not allergic to. Wearing long-sleeved clothing and appropriate gloves to protect your skin will help to keep your hands and arms safe.

Have some ventilation while cleaning

Regardless of whether the cleaning solution has a floral fragrance or is made from organic ingredients, it is critical to maintaining a free flow of air throughout the room while cleaning and even after you have finished. Any gases or substances that may be released as a result of the cleaning process will be able to make their way outside with relative ease.

Opt for homemade cleaning products

It is unquestionably simpler to simply go to the supermarket and purchase a large quantity of cleaning supplies. Using homemade cleaning products, on the other hand, can not only be more cost-effective, but it can also be safer for you, with the added benefit of being able to customize the recipe to suit your specific needs.

Read the cleaning product descriptions carefully

While you can continue to use the cleaning products that you purchase from the market, it is important to understand the ingredients that are contained within them before you open the bottle. The majority of solutions stated on the label are t0xic or p0isonous, and this is generally true. The inhalation of any t0xic substances, while you are pregnant, could have serious consequences for you because your immune system is already compromised by the pregnancy itself.