pregnancy common mistakes

8 Common Mistakes Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Pregnant women need to be extra careful about their health. It is not just about eating right and visiting the doctor periodically. Pregnancy requires you to be more mindful of certain activities. You cannot be callous about your actions and interfere with the growth of your baby. Whatever you do has a direct impact on your baby’s health. Slowly, as you get along with your pregnancy, you will catch on to avoiding some mistakes that might prove harmful to your overall health.

So, read on to find out some common mistakes that pregnant women should avoid completely.

#1 Wearing High Heels

wearing high heels in pregnancy

Pregnancy loosens up the ligaments in your legs which can cause instability in the joints and excessive muscle strain. It can cause your feet to feel more pressure and you might not be able to balance your body wearing heels like you used to. Hence, trade your sandals for flat footwear, with a soft sole. It can keep your feet relaxed and you will be less likely to slip or fall because of imbalance.

#2 Carrying Heavy Items

lifting heavy loads

Don’t put extra strain on your body by carrying heavy bags that can make you feel exhausted. If it’s a lightweight handbag, then it’s fine. Otherwise, get someone else to lift your bags. When you hold weighty items, you hold the door open for pregnancy complications. Carrying heavy objects can also lead to pulled muscles, the treatment of which may require over-the-counter medications.

#3 Taking Self-Medication

safe medicines pregnancy

The mention of over-the-counter medications brings us to avoid taking any sort of medication for local conditions yourself. Always ask your gynaecologist before consuming any medicines. Even if it is a painkiller that you used to suit you before pregnancy, avoid taking it now before getting your doctor’s approval as your body is going through numerous changes. Try to treat conditions via external healing like putting ointments or sprays.    

#4 Watching Horror Movies

watching horror movie while pregnant

Watching too many horror movies during pregnancy can increase your stress levels and have a negative impact on your baby. Stress can interfere with the growth hormones and hinder your internal body processes. Also, it is recommended to remain as happy as you can during this time. So, also avoid watching films with too many violent scenes. Stay as far as you can from negative movies. As watching disturbing content can disrupt your sleep, you can attract a whole bunch of problems with less sleep.  

#5 Exercising Rigorously

pregnant woman exercicising

Do not push your body to exercise more than its limits. Do light exercises that keep your body fit and healthy. Heavy exercising that requires too much limb movement might pose a risk to your baby’s health. You might hurt any part of your body, risk falling or slouching, and so on. If possible, hire a personal trainer or a yoga instructor who can guide you with the process.

#6 Prolonged Screen Exposure

screen time pregnancy

We all know how harmful too much screen time can be for our eyes and brain. Imagine its effect on the baby’s growth! The electromagnetic radiation from these gadgets can interfere with the development of the fetus and have a negative impact on its health. Set a time limit for using smartphones and laptops to avoid risking your health. Also, don’t play too many games that can cause you to have destructive thoughts.

#7 Getting Inactive

pregnant woman tired

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of medical conditions. At one point of time, you might feel like eating a whole bucket of fries and on the other, you might feel like throwing up even at the thought of it. The mood swings and health disruptions can get you inactive. You might not feel like getting up from your bed and going out anywhere. Don’t turn yourself into a sloth and indulge in oversleeping. Engage in normal household activities or hobbies like drawing or writing.    

#8 Eating Packaged Foods

During pregnancy, try to eat home-cooked meals that use natural ingredients. If you eat too much junk food, your chances of getting a stomach infection rise since they are too spicy and oily. You are also not feeding enough nutrition to your baby with these food items. Also, avoid eating packaged food items that are filled with chemicals, preservatives, and harmful additives that can be pretty harmful for you and the baby.

Pregnancy is not an easy time for any woman. During this time, women are always wondering what is right and wrong for them. They cannot contact their doctor every time they have a question regarding basic do’s and don’t’s. Follow the article’s tips to stay fit during pregnancy. Avoid committing such mistakes to ensure maximum safety for your baby.