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Body Odor In Pregnancy: Causes And Natural Remedies

In pregnancy, your body undergoes a drastic change in the hormone levels. This influence your emotions, metabolic rate and sensory functions. It causes more blood to the different areas of the body that includes vagina, armpits, genitals and other areas where your glands work. This can be the reason for origination of body odor. You may feel embarrassed, and self-conscious. To relieve from this problem, you need to understand its cause, and treatment.

Is Body Odor normal in pregnancy?

One of the main reasons to experience body odor is due to increase in the Estradiol hormone that results in an intense sense of odor. It causes an increase in basal metabolic rate in pregnancy. This results in enhancing circulation of blood in the body. More blood flow increases body temperature, that, in turn, makes your gland active and leads to excessive sweating.

The problem remains even after delivery till your body hormones gets balanced. You need to know that body odor is just a temporary phase. It only becomes a concern when the issue becomes severe and stays for a long time even after giving birth to a baby. Let us learn about the causes in detail:

Body odor in pregnancy causes

Change in Hormones: Drastic change in estradiol hormone leads to production of strong smell in the body. The possible areas that are affected by it are the armpits, and genitals.

Excessive Sweating: Due to increase in temperature, your body develops a low tolerance towards heat. It causes sweat glands to become hyperactive and accentuates body odor. When sweat remains on the skin, then it creates positive conditions for bacteria to flourish and cause fowl body odor in pregnancy.

Increased Sensitivity: Due to rise in level of pregnancy hormones, pregnant women develop heightened sensitivity, and different cravings in the body. It leads to heightened sense of smell in pregnant women.

Preparation for Breastfeeding: Pregnancy is also the time when your body prepares for breastfeeding. Your baby develops its hearing, and visionary abilities in the womb. It starts to recognize you by the smell. It is one of the things that brings him closer to you and forms a bond.

Change in Diet: Another reason for body odor is consumption of specific foods. Red meat, seafood, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, are some of the foods that when consumed can lead to foul body odor. In addition to food, there are a few medicines that can even give you a distinctive body smell.

Treatment to get rid of body odor during pregnancy

If you are facing body odor issue, then below treatment will help you treat bad odor in pregnancy.

Bathe twice every day: It is very important to keep the skin fresh. Add some lemon juice or lemon essential oil / peppermint essential oil into the bathing water. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Try to bath with cold water than warm water.

Shampoo regularly: Keep your hair clean and dry at all times. It is advised to shampoo your hair a minimum of three times in a day. Use a clean comb to prevent any infection.

Trim your hair in areas that causes sweat: Shave off the hair in the armpits, and genitals as it accumulates sweat and has the ability to trap bacteria on the skin. By keeping it the area trimmed, you won’t produce sweat, and bad odor.

Use an antiperspirant, talcum powder, and deodorant: Spray deodorant and apply talcum powder on your underarms to soak excessive sweat and remain free from body odor. It will keep you fragrant too throughout the day.

Wear breathable, and loose-fitting clothes: Another thing that you can do is to wear clothes made of cotton, and linen that provide better circulation of air. It is advised to wash your clothes daily and always wear fresh clothes.

At the time of washing your undergarments, add one-fourth cup of white vinegar into it. Addition of fabric conditioner keeps them fresh.

Drink plenty of water: Water plays a very important role in reducing body odor. It aids in eliminating toxins from the body and thoroughly cleans the system.

Eat right: Consume more of raw foods, and abstain from junk foods as it causes body odor. Do not eat onions, sea foods, and garlic in large amounts. Stick to fresh green vegetables, and fruits as it will lower body odor.

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Out of various changes that you experience in pregnancy, one of them is body odor. By bringing small changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can resolve this issue. If the problem doesn’t solve, you need to talk to your doctor to suggest you a specialized treatment.